LYONS, Ill. (KMOX) — An Illinois congressional candidate says the Holocaust is the “biggest, blackest lie in history.”

Arthur Jones, an insurance salesman from Lyons, Ill., is running as a Republican in the primary for the state’s 3rd congressional district against Jim Falvey and Richard Grabowski.

The Vietnam veteran has called into question the Holocaust where 6 million Jews were killed under the Nazi regime in Europe.

“This idea that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust is the biggest, blackest lie in history,” Jones told KMOX. “There is no proof that the Holocaust took place in Europe against the Jews.”

Jones – a former member of the Nationalist Socialist White People’s Party – wrote a flyer called “The Holocaust Racket” where he states it is an “international extortion racket” and refutes all the Holocaust deaths.

“Millions of dollars has [sic] been spent to spread the lies of the Holocaust,” Jones told KMOX.

A former member of the Nationalist Socialist White People’s Party, Jones started the American First Committee in 1980 in an effort to stop all the foreign influence on U.S. policies. He’s looking to oust incumbent Rep. Dan Lipinski, D-Ill., because Jones feels Lipinski wants the U.S. to go to war with Iran because of Israel.

“I’m the only guy in the state of Illinois against the Israeli lobby,” Jones said.

Despite collecting over 1,000 signatures to be put on the ballot, the state’s Republican party refused to do so because of his views.

“I didn’t know believing in the Holocaust became a requirement for public office,” he said.

Jones has previously run for Congress twice. He also ran for mayor of Milwaukee in 1976.

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  1. Steven Hodge says:

    I had 2 uncles who served in the European theater during World War II who would tell you the death camps existed and the Holocaust did happen. I have seen pictures of the death camps and the piles of corpses stacked like cord wood. As to the actually number that died in these camps, the Nazis kept meticulous records and I am sure these were captured by the Allies when then liberated these areas. Further, why were so many former Germans put on trial and either put in prison or executed. This guy either is total ignorant of history or has an agenda. He does not belong in politics.

    1. blablabla says:

      No one cares. Palestians are getting killed by those so called “innocent” Jews right this minute. Jews are always the victims, aren’t they?


      1. bookfraud says:

        @blablabla: Arthur Jones called — he needs a campaign manager.

      2. BigotHater says:

        Says the uneducated bigot. Go put on your Nazi uniform and kill yourself.

    2. jh says:

      The man is little more than an old nasty creep. He’s not worth mention.

    3. Mr Truth says:

      Yes, they died of starvation and disease from the allied bombings. There is no evidence of gas chambers.

      That’s why it’s is illegal in Europe to deny the holocaust.

  2. john says:

    Wow, my opinion of Republicans just keeps getting better and better.

    Someone find me a Neo-NAZI Democrat running for Congress… I bet you can’t do it.

    1. Carl says:

      He has stated that the only reason he’s running as a Republican is because the Democrats are worse. His words, not mine. I don’t agree.

      1. yomann says:

        He’s also stated that he votes Republican 90% of the time.

    2. blablabla says:

      Tom Metzger back in the eighties I believe. There are plenty more. Stop trying to say all Republicans are “Nazis”.

    3. Jeff Spradling says:

      So? The Democrat party is full of communists, Marxists, racists, illegal aliens, and dead people. And you comment on the entire part because of one idiot. Kinda makes you a hypocrite, wouldn’t you say?

      1. furrypride2011 says:

        dead people?

      2. WuzYoungOnceToo says:

        – “dead people?”

        He’s referring ot an important part of the Dem voter base.

    4. sjc says:

      Obama. Theres your answer.

    5. WuzYoungOnceToo says:

      Remember Alvin Green who ran for – and received – the Democrat nomination for a U.S. Congressional seat for South Carolina? The guy has the IQ of a diced turnip, and Dems voted for him. Ergo…following your logic…all Democrats are complete morons.

    6. Shawn says:

      I’m happily surprised that the republicans refused to put them on the republican ticket. Maybe there are still some sane Republicans out there.

  3. stlmom4 says:

    Can’t there be some sort of basic education test for those running? Yeesh! Thank goodness the IL Republican Party showed some sense and refused him under their banner. Now to cleanse the party of the other ultra extremists.

    1. blablabla says:

      You must be a “NAZI” for using that word cleanse. I’m an “ultra extemist”… try to cleanse me pal !!!!

  4. RayW says:

    I had to read the article twice to believe it. This guy is just after publicity. He knows he won’t win. He’s just an immature idiot who wants to make a name for himself. He should be pitied.

  5. Scot says:

    John, please read before you post.

    “Despite collecting over 1,000 signatures to be put on the ballot, the state’s Republican party refused to do so because of his views”.

    1. yomann says:

      That’s really bad reporting. Although the ILGOP is not endorsing him, Art Jones is on the ballot for the Republican candidate for the 3rd congressional district in Illinois. And he got his peition in first, so he’s listed first on the ballot, which is usually good for an extra 4-5%. You can see for yourself at the Cook County Clerk’s website:

  6. Jack says:

    I hope this guy and others with this sick evil view dies the same way the nazis killed the Jews.

  7. mike says:

    Well, again, everyone that is criticising this man for his views have failed to provide the evidence that supports their contentions that there was “six million killed”. Please provide genuine evidence to support the claim, or accept it is not true. Evidence such as can be provided for the population drop of around 40 million before WWII in the former Russian Empire territories where Bolsheviks gained control and killed. Despite how the Western media have pitched WWII, it was about the spread of Marxist atheist liberalism on the one side, and christian civilisation on the other. Christian civilisation lost, and this can be clearly seen in Western society today. The average citizen in the West did not understand what and who they were fighting for, just as today in the Middle East.

    1. The Realist says:

      Actually, the TOTAL number is closer to ELEVEN million. Of those, 6 million were Jews and the rest were others with whom Hitler disagreed.

      Those who “deny” the Holocaust probably admit in private that it happened and are seeking ways to repeat it.

    2. A J says:

      Mr. Jones is the individual making the accusations. The onus of proof lies with him.

      Also, I’m not his mother. He can google for himself.

      1. mike says:

        Actually it is not Mr. Jones that is making the accusations. The burden of proof lies on the ones first making the claim that there was a holocaust. This is a basic legal principle “AJ”.

      2. A J says:

        The holocaust is recognized as a historical event, not an accusation.

        This is basic common sense, Mike.

    3. TheGreatMilenko says:

      Since you sound like a Christian, lets use your words to show how stupid you are!
      “Please provide genuine evidence to support the claim, or accept it is not true.”
      Apply this to your belief in god, because, according to you, someone who makes a claim needs evidence to back it up. GO!

      1. mike says:

        On balance there is certainly more evidence in archeology, etymology, and historical records that supports the events as relayed in the ancient Greek and Hebrew scriptural texts commonly known as the “Bible” (as opposed to the way the Reformation interpretors portrayed them..and I’m not catholic either!), than there is genuine evidence to support the claim of 6m gassed etc. Make no mistake that I am the first to say that the Nazi regime indiscriminately killed millions in acts of war and aggression, but that is a different thing from what is in question here. Many people fail to understand the conditions in germany post WWI. At this time the Bolshevik Revolution had taken hold in thRussian Empire, and the economically ravaged streets of Germany were an idiological and physical battleground between Nationalism and Bolshevism. Nationalism won. Thus the Nazi regime’s real foe was always Bolshevism, and its purveyors. The real historical shame was that the USA never supported Imperial Russia in its time of need, given that Imperial Russia supported the drive for an independent USA, as well as helped keep international forces out of medling with the Civil War in the USA.

      2. mike says:

        And as an addition: Your argument has no logic, as one is not refused access to the political proces in the USA based upon ones religious faith (well not yet anyway), nor are billions of taxpayers dollars being given in support of a people based upon a premise that they were unduly treated at a point in history. Here, an individual is being removed from the political process based upon his views on this particular issue. He would not be removed if he was a professed Hindu, or Christian etc.

  8. Jake Blues says:

    I hate Illinois Nazis.

    1. Kevin Roberts says:

      I was going to leave that comment! You beat me to it! 🙂

  9. sjc says:

    Nazis suck. Socialists suck. End of story.

  10. Freemason Jarhead says:

    I hate Illinois Nazis too.

  11. Brandon says:

    Go to the holocaust museum in DC. There are pictures, eye witness account, hand writting letters, even video of bodies being pushed into large burial holes.

    1. Paul says:

      None of which are evidence for the “holocaust”. Learn to differentiate between evidence and emotional conditioning. Then read some books and I don’t mean Wiesel’s “Night”, I mean real books with facts in. There are no pictures anywhere of gas chambers being used to kill people. If you look at the pictures of bodies being pushed into large holes you’ll see the driver is one of the allies and not a german as is being implied.

  12. Liann says:

    Interestingly, Adolph Hitler died of consuming cyanide gas, being shot in the head for good measure, and was incinerated by open pit burning in an anonymous trench, precisely like hundreds of thousands of Jews.

    Whether or not somebody believes in the holocaust they have to believe that Adolph Hitler caused the deaths of 20 million aryans, and totally incompetently was the biggest loser of World War II — hardly some jerk to worship.

  13. Tony says:

    “I didn’t know believing in the Holocaust became a requirement for public office,” he said.>>>

    Well now the idiot knows.

  14. Tina Rocha says:

    Doesn’t matter, Illinois deserve this lunatic but looking at the big picture Illinois will be getting another lunatic back in January 2013, period.

  15. Christopher Marlowe says:

    Mike has it right: the holohoax cannot be proven. The only way to enforce this lie is to call people names, threaten them or put them into jail. In Europe they will put you into jail for “denying the holocaust”. The staunchest supporters of this fairytale have not done any actual study of this event, but have only seen movies that were made by Jewish Hollywood. Or they know someone who was in WWII who “went to the camps”.

    Yes, there were work camps. Yes, people died. But the garbage that S Hodge put out is full of lies. Raul Hilberg, the author of “The Destruction of the European Jews”, admitted in COURT that there is NO PROOF of a written extermination order. Think about that: How could you kill millions of people with no written orders. Hilberg also admitted that there is no evidence of an autopsy of a single person who was gassed. After the war, Dr. Charles Larson conducted many autopsies on those bodies that you see in the films: not one of them was gassed.

    Those stacks of dead people died from a typhus epidemic. There are hundreds of pages of German memos talking about how they were trying to stop this typhus epidemic. There was never a single homicidal gas chamber found. There were no mass graves of 6 million or 11 million. The “lampshades of human skin” and “soap from human fat” stories disappeared after DNA tests were invented, and the lampshades were found to be goat skin and the soap was pig fat.

    Go ahead and bully people and call them names because of your righteous indignation that is completely based on movies and television shows that you saw. If you believe in the holohoax, it is only because you are ignorant. The Nuremberg Trials were show trials. The rules of evidence were thrown out the window. The US Chief Justice Stone said that Nuremberg was a “high grade lynching party”. The Russian judge at Nuremberg, Nikitchenko, was a veteran of the Soviet show trials. That was were the communists tortured people until they confessed to crimes against the state, and then were executed. That is exactly what happened at Nuremberg.

  16. Ulrich says:

    He’s got a point. So many brainwashed morons out there.

  17. AzVick says:

    This guy is a stooge. Republicans are not Holocaust deniers. This is a front put up by the Democrats to smear conservatives.

  18. cweinblatt says:

    LOL… I am a bleeding-heart liberal Democrat. But I must openly admit that I feel sorry for Republicans for having this Nazi nut running under the GOP flag. This man is poison to anyone he touches and he has clearly touched the Illinois GOP.

    Even Holocaust deniers know that the Holocaust occurred and that millions of innocent Jews and millions of other innocent people were systematically exterminated. That these people are willing to publically say that it did not happen turns them into Congressional candidate Three Stooges. Considering that virtually every professional historian agrees that millions of innocent Jewish men, women and children were murdered for being Jewish, Jones and his skin-head Nazi friends are in a minority of about 0.2%.

    Thankfully, Jones is now a laughingstock and the GOP is fleeing from him as fast as possible. We had a similar case here in NW Ohio two years ago when a GOP candidate for Congress turned up on the Internet wearing a Nazi SS uniform. Again, he was under ridicule and our outstanding Democratic Congresswomen (of 30-some years) won easily.

    With candidates like these, it’s a wonder that the GOP is doing as well as it is. One can only wonder where they would be with real candidates that promoted true American values.

  19. Mannstein says:

    Holocaust, holocaust, holocaust, I’m all Holocausted out.

  20. Edward says:

    Only Mike, Christopher Marlowe and Ulrich are correct so far. Cweinblatt talks rubbish such as ‘even holocaust deniers know that the holocaust occurred and that millions of innocent Jews…were systematically exterminated’. They do? This is a contradiction in terms. There are many historians, including Jewish, who now admit that millions of Jews did not die in the so-called ‘holocaust’. They admit that it has been exaggerated, with perhaps, at most about one million Jews having died, and not from extermination or ‘gassing’, but from all causes, including Typhus and starvation (brought on by the Allies bombing of bridges, roads and vehicles transporting foodstuffs as well medical supplies) as well as from old age.

    Most comments supporting the six miilion Jewish deaths, gas chambers, extermination, etc – are borne from a combination of ignorance and stupidity.

    1. A J says:

      You, Mike, and Christopher sound suspiciously alike. Ulrich’s post is too short to tell, but. . .

      *rereads thread*

      Yeah. . .I call Sock Puppetry.

  21. cweinblatt says:

    Holocaust deniers display ignorance, based in large part on intolerance. I devoted more than five years of daily research to the Holocaust for my published book, “Jacob’s Courage.” I am a retired University of Toledo administrator. Virtually all of the world’s professional historians agree on the six million figure, including at least 1.5 million murdered Jewish children. Virtually every government and university in the free world will tell you that six million Jews were systematically murdered. Records of the Wannsee Conference prove that Nazi Germany planned the extermination with death camps and Zyklon B. For detailed evidence, I posted dozens of valid Holocaust links from government and university-based research, including literally thousands of thesis and doctoral dissertations. Simply Google “Jacob’s Courage” and visit the WordPress site. But don’t take my word for it, visit the web sites of The United States Holocaust Museum and Yad Vashem, or just look it up on Wikipedia or any other dictionary. According to you deniers, all of these Holocaust museums professional historians, universities, dictionaries and public school systems are wrong about the Holocaust. Does that make sense? How can the entire world be wrong and you are correct? In what way have you studied the Holocaust? Do you have postgraduate degrees in history? Have you been published about the Holocaust by a credible source? The Holocaust is a fact. In addition to six million Jews, millions of Roma, the elderly, the disabled and political prisoners were murdered in Nazi death camps. It remains the most widespread and egregious genocide committed against a religious group in history. Denying this only makes you look uneducated, ignorant and prejudiced.

  22. Edward says:

    Well, C. Weinblatt, how would you explain the following? As I’m sure you’re aware, but probably hate to admit, Auschwitz in 1990 officially reduced the number of deaths which it proclaimed for many years from 4 million to 1.5 million. Of course, the 6 million figure should now read 3.5 million. I know already what your feeble answer will be. That historians did not sanction the Auschwitz 4 million figure, and knew all along that it was far less, or at least incorrect. Indeed, this is what Yad Vashem themselves state. But what would this mean? It would mean one of two things. Either that they knew that the Auschwitz death toll had been exaggerated, and they did not say anything (which would have been tantamount to lying about millions of deaths), or if they deny that, then it would mean that they arrived at a figure of 6 million deaths without including the full four million supposedly killed at Auschwitz. Surely, though, they then should have increased the 6 million figure to somewhere between 8 and 9 million? To not do so, would mean disparaging the memory of the dead, would it not? This is viewed as anathema by holocaust organisations, yet they themselves are guilty of it – or did they simply keep quiet about the massive exaggeration of deaths at Auschwitz for over forty years, because it suited them?

    The entire premise becomes curiouser and curiouser. In Shermer and Grobman’s book “Who says the holocaust didn’t happen, and why do they say it?”, the authors gloss over the massive drop in official deaths by 2.5 million in about eight lines of a single page. How do they explain it? They say that at the same time that the figure was ‘revised’ downwards (notice their use of the term ‘revised’ and not ‘reduced’ in order to minimize its impact) it was immediately revised upwards by exactly the same figure by which it was reduced – that of 2.5 million. Just how did this so miraculously occur? Shermer and Grobman state that within two years after the official reduction, investigators ‘discovered’ that the ‘Einsatzgruppen’ (secret police) had actually killed exactly 2.5 million more Jews then had previously been thought – bringing the total of Jewish persons killed back up to the ‘de riguer’ total of, you guessed it, 6 million. Now isn’t that simply one of the most amazing coincidences ever? Nobody knew about the huge figure of 2.5 million Jews whom the Einsatzgruppen had killed, even as late as 1990, yet, as soon as Auschwitz dropped the death toll by this figure, that exact figure was found to have been ‘extra’ deaths perpetrated by the secret police. Not 1 million, or 3 or 4 million – but 2.5 million.

    This however causes a further conundrum. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica 2000, and according to a Jewish historian writing inserts on the holocaust and related subjects, the Einsatzgruppen killed a total of 1 million persons. The Einsatzgruppen, incidentally, according to the encyclopaedia, numbered 3000, so a figure of 1 million is huge in itself, never mind 2.5 million. But here we have an esteemed Encyclopaedia, edited by a Jewish historian, stating 10 years after Auschwitz’ massive reduction, that 1 million were killed by the Einsatzgruppen. So what are we to believe? That the exact figure of 2.5 million was miraculously discovered to have been killed (in addition to the 1 million) by the secret police, immediately after the Auschwitz reduction? Obviously, Yad Vashem and other holocuast museums/ memorial centres could think of no other way in which to ‘revise’ the number back up to 6 million, so fobbed it off on the secret police. Well, the Encyclopaedia Britannica didn’t believe it, and neither do I and many other thinking individuals. Actually, this ‘revision’ by way of the Einsatzgruppen must be one of the most ridiculous and far-fetched attempts at the justification of anything – ever! But I’d like to hear your comments on the above, Mr. Weinblatt.

    Yad Vashem also categorically state on their website that all children were gassed immediately upon their arrival at Auschwitz. As you know, this is an utter untruth, as very many children lived in, and survived Auschwitz. Why was Anne Frank not gassed? As you know, she was transferred to another camp, where once again, she was not gassed, but died of Typhus.

    We then have the curious statements of one Primo Levi. An Italian speaking Polish Jew, he must be an embarrasement to holocaust believers. In his book, ‘If this is a Man’, which relates his experiences at Auschwitz, he states on page 135 “…the important thing for the camp is NOT that the most useless prisoners be eliminated…” This is not quoted out of context, incidentally, for any readers who might wonder. This statement completely contradicts the popular view that ALL useless and even young (and by default, useless) persons were eliminated.

    Mr. Levi further goes to state (on the same page) that those at the camp who had been ‘selected’ for elimination ( elimination is what he and others surmised – they did not see it happen, nor did they have any proof thereof) were given double rations of food. Yes, double rations of food. Levi states that he could never quite understand this charitable initiative (as he puts it) on the part of the SS, but that those selected for elimination in the gas chambers were given these double rations for two to three days after selection – sometimes for much longer. Mr. Levi seems very sure that they were selected to be gassed, saying that once they left the barracks, they were never seen again. Well, I have the answer for Mr. Levi. Obviously, these persons were not selected to be gassed, but were taken to other camps to recuperate. After all, they were singled out as being unfit and unhealthy. Why else were they given double-rations of food for days on end immediately after ‘selection’?

    Mr. Levi also relates in detail how he spent two weeks in a hospital simply due to an infected foot. He states that the infirmary was most agreeable, with a doctor visiting twice a day, and they were given good food. They were also allowed to sleep as much as they liked, and were allowed to talk freely to other patients. Sounds like a terrible ‘death camp’ to me! I suppose Auschwitz only had six hospitals on its premises. Perhaps that would make it an ‘extermination’ camp! Mr. Levi’s book has been printed over 25 times from 1958, and he has been praised as an intellectual and as being exceptionally honest. These critics don’t seem to realise that certain of his statements completely contradict the very foundations on which the ‘holocaust’ is based.

    The so-called ‘Wannsee Conference’ was not a ‘conference’, and neither was it a place where any extermination of Jews in ‘death camps’ was planned or arrived at. But don’t take my word for it, Mr. Weinblatt. Look this up on Yad Vashem’s website, where they themselves quote a Jewish historian as saying that “the media continue to incorrectly repeat the silly story that the extermination of the Jews was arrived at at the Wannsee Conference”, and he goes on further to say “it was not a conference in any event, but more of a meeting.’

    So don’t assume that people have not researched the subject, Mr. Weinblatt. I have been doing so for many years, and have looked at both sides of the coin, reading the views of other sources, including that of ‘Nizkor’. In my opinion, and that of a growing number of persons worldwide, the so-called ‘holocaust’ was a massive exaggeration – in many respects. We do not ‘deny’ that anything happened, but the ‘denier’ tag (coined by Deborah Lipstadt) has a suitable effect, does it not? You ask how the entire world can be wrong and we be correct. Well, true to form, here you exaggerate once more. The entire world certainly does not believe in the ‘holocaust’ as you believe it to be, Mr. Weinblatt -far from it.

    One does not have to have a degree in history (I notice you are not a historian, but a retired administrator) to have carried out research and come to logical conclusions. I am a nationally published writer myself. Simply because you have published a book entitled ‘Jacobs Courage’ does not indicate that what you state about the ‘holocaust’ is fact. Hundreds of years ago it was stated as fact that the earth was the centre of the universe. Anyone ‘denying’ or contradicting this was branded a heretic, and jailed (or worse), a situation not unlike beliefs in certain dogma of today, it seems. Persons such as myself look at ALL the evidence available, and subscribe to that which makes the most sense, unswayed by personal bias. You would do well to do the same.

  23. alex says:

    Talk about right wing wing nuts!!!

  24. Robert says:

    Mr. Weinblatt has a habit of showing up on internet forums to defend the six million mythology whenever someone questions the accuracy of the traditional holocaust narrative. I remember reading an exchange he had with revisionists on over Dr. Thomas Dalton’s book, “Debating the Holocaust – A New Look at Both Sides.” Mr. Weinblatt’s arguement went something like this – Professor’s in every university believe in the accuracy of the 6 million figure, so it is unquestionably true and everyone should believe it. Well sir, I have studied the holocaust for many years now. I have researched the arguements put forth by both the holocaust believers and the revisionists. I have even visited the Auschwitz camp during a trip to Europe in 2007. I have concluded that there was never a policy of industrialized extermination set in motion by Hitler’s Germany. Wartime propaganda has been accepted as historical truth. After all, the victors are the ones who wrote the history of WWII. Mr. Weinblatt, I hope that you actually took the time to read Dr. Dalton’s book. It will challenge everything you think you know about the “holocaust.”

    1. A J says:

      And Robert makes sock puppet number five. It’s like a low budget version of the Muppets up in here!

      Only evil, and sadder.

  25. Edward says:

    Mmmmm…typical, ‘A.J’. You do not comment on any assertions made by myself, Robert, Christopher, et al – the extent of your reasoning seems to be limited to two to three written lines and continual references to childish diversions and now, a children’s film. The best response you can muster is to resort to calling persons who question the standard holocaust story ‘evil’ and ‘sad’.

    No doubt, your next line of defence will be to label revisionists ‘intolerant’ and ‘predjudiced’, (read: anti-semitic) as Mr. Weinblatt not surprisingly stated in his post on 3rd March. This labelling usually wins support from those who have carried out little, if any research on the so-called holocaust, and immediately causes these uninformed and/or indoctrinated individuals to relegate revisionists, or even those who question even one aspect of the ‘holocaust’ to that of ‘neo – nazi’s’, ‘Jew-haters’,’anti-semites’, ‘racists’, etc. That is what is evil, that is what is sad.

    It’s amusing that you term myself and others ‘puppets’ for articulately espousing our non-conformists views, yet yourself, Weinblatt, and many others repeat identical viewpoints (not particularly articulately) ad nauseum, yet in your case this term does not apply?

    Come on, ‘AJ’. Instead of an almost meaningless few lines, let’s hear your responses to my, Christopher and Robert’s contentions. Intelligent responses, mind you – if this is not too much for you to manage.

    1. A J says:

      My comments are short because I’ve neither the need nor the desire to ramble beyond the essential points.

      In this case–you’ve misunderstood the term “sock puppet,” which doesn’t quite fall under irony, but is still a little funny.

      Sock puppetry online, Edward/Mike et al, is a term used when a single individual opens multiple accounts under multiple names so that he/she may create the illusion that others are in agreement with him/her.

      I am aware that there are many people in this world who believe, or at least argue, that the holocaust is a lie, but there is clearly only one of them posting on this thread. You. As Mike/Edward et al.

      You have a very distinct “voice.”

      And as I’ve no interest in having the same debate with four or five different people who are really one person, I bid you (singular and plural) good bye.

  26. Robert says:

    Robert is Robert, and no one else. AJ, you stated above that you are aware that many people dispute the conventional holocaust narrative. Why then wouldn’t it make sense for multiple people to post responses to this article that challenge the conventional view of the events of WWII? Why would you think I am assuming a fake identity to agree with Edward?

  27. Edward says:

    You say you do not feel the need or desire to ramble beyond the essential points, AJ. Yet you do not even touch on any points or issues that I or others have raised. The real reason is that you cannot answer them. You proffer the spurious reason of having no interest in ‘having the same debate with four or five different people who is really one person.’ This is an obvious cop-out on your part.

    So far, you have not had anything worthwhile to say, never mind entered into a debate. You seem to be obsessed only with your belief that I and others are one person, which incidentally, I did realise was your assumption. No doubt you cannot bear the fact that there are quite a number of persons on this thread alone who have seen through the ‘holocaust’ for what it is – exaggeration and falsehoods. Perhaps it is a wake-up call for both you and C.Weinblatt to see how many people do not subscribe to standard ‘holocaust’ dogma.

    In the same manner in which you have been fooled into believing the myth of the ‘holocaust’, you have been fooled into believing ( I see that it is ‘clear’ to you) that I am other persons posting on this thread.

    The last few words in your post give you away, AJ. It is obvious that you are beating a hasty retreat.

  28. Fred says:

    I too grew up totally believing in the official story. I remember reading a story in the Readers Digest when I was about 10 and at that age it was solid “proof” or so it seemed until I got older and studied Mechanical Engineering The story in the Digest went like this. The Nazi’s tried to burn bodies at Treblinka on huge piles and they would not burn so they went to their laboratory and conducted tests and found the following results old people burned better than young, women better than men, and fat people better than thin. So they sorted the pile out in this manner fat old women on the bottom thin young boys on the top and voila the pile burned “completely to ashes”. So it seemed logical to me at the time, but much later in life I realized I don’t need to take the word of anyone when I can do my own study and see if this is even a remote possibility of being true

    So I looked up the specific heat of the human body, it’s average surface area, looked up the entropy of wood and coal and did some basic calculations as to how much fuel would be required, estimated time for complete combustion etc. My calculations were not exact but they gave me the basis to see if the stories could even be remotely possible which I found out they were not. They were just that, horrific stories designed to invoke pity for the supposed victims. The claim that the Nazi’s burned 1000’s of bodies an hour on open pyres or in pits is just that “a claim” It has no basis whatsoever in science and is in fact an impossibility.

    Now for all you people that feel what I have just wrote is totally false and hateful I will give you the opportunity to prove me wrong. Do this simple little experiment and report your findings. Build a large campfire use pine it burns hotter than hardwood take a raw chicken leg or a small piece of raw meat and place it directly into the coals and time how long it takes for it to be “burned completely into ashes”. I will pose that the fire will go out and there will still be visible remains evident in the wood ashes IE it does not reduce to ashes in 5 minutes or less as one would suspect based on what you have been told to believe.

    I can go on and on this is just one small aspect of the narrative that we have been told is true. Look at “the gassings” now all the victims walked into the chambers until it was packed full, then were killed leaving a mass of “X” tons. Please explain to me how you remove that mass of “X” tons in such a short amount of time that the next group can physically walk in and the process continues. When I say “X” tons ten 200 pound people equals 1 ton. They can walk in but some how the mass has to be removed for the next group.

    In conclusion I always say “Science never lies to me but politicians and newscasters do on a daily basis” It seems to me here that we have a politician that is actually telling some truth. 0_o

  29. Edward says:

    Fred, you are one of many worldwide who have seen through the standard ‘holocaust’ story for what it is – a concoction of distortions, outright lies, false eyewitness accounts and made-up ‘holocaust survivor’ stories. Look up Herman Rosenblat, Binjamin Wilkomirski, and Misha Defonseca as choice examples of ‘holocaust survivors’ who were nothing but ‘holocaust fraudsters’ out to make a quick buck out of the gullible public – people such as C. Weinblatt and ‘AJ’, for example, both of whom have posted comments on this forum.

    Revisionists do not ‘deny’ everything, as ‘holocaust’ believers would have the world believe. There are certain core issues pertaining to the standard story which we question, however. As most people know, there was no written extermination order. Because believers cannot get around this fact, they say that the deportation policy towards the Jews ‘morphed’ into an outright and full- blown extermination policy within a short period of time, with thousands being gassed to death on a daily basis in ‘extermination’ and ‘death camps’. If you can believe this, you can believe anything. C.Weinblatt and ‘AJ’ do.

    What is quite amusing actually, is that recently, now that the gassing myth has crumbled and is contested by many, believers have begun saying that not that many were gassed in fact, but that hundreds of thousands, even millions, were shot to death by camp guards. Strange. In all the decades before, this was never mentioned. Besides a few shootings, all we heard about were gassings, gassings and more gassings. Yet more fabrications and conjecture – to put it mildly.

    Luckily however, there are thinking persons in this world who do not simply swallow all which is presented to them by the media, or by certain individuals and organisations.

  30. Fred says:

    Thank you Edward and BTW this is not “Fredward” I am a unique person that stumbled onto this article linked to from the Institute of Historical Review, whenever I get a chance to comment on articles of this nature I never pass up the opportunity to try and get people to think for themselves because in my mind real truth serves everyone.

    Now lets jump to the next level of “hate”. What citizens of Canada and the USA were rounded up and placed into concentration camps similar to that of Europe? How were they transported to these camps? How many of them died? How many of them lost all of their property and businesses? How many of them felt that they were wrongfully declared domestic enemies of the state due to actions beyond their control and of which they had no part in? To date what is the total amount of reparations that they have received for this state sponsored action against them? How many “educational centers” have been established on their behalf so that we “never forget”? And finally why did the USA drop 2 atomic bombs on their country of origin AFTER the leaders had been petitioning the Russians for armistice for 18 months prior to the bombing?

    I think I can ratchet the level up a bit further without breaking a sweat. First off I do not worship ANY political leader including my own. Why in the movie the sound of music was the Von Trapp family depicted as having to flee over top of a mountain when in fact they went to the train station purchased tickets boarded the train and left with out incident? Why in the collected 1800 pages of the war memoirs of DeGaulle, Churchill and Eisenhower is there no mention whatsoever of the holocaust? Why is there no mention that while Hitler invaded Poland from the west the Soviet Union was invading at the same time in the east? Why is the meme “soap and lampshades” not given the same effort to dispel it as it was to promote it? How did Hitler pull Germany out of depression 2 years prior to the USA while operating under the crushing treaty of Versaille, and in lieu of the current world economic conditions why is no one bothering to see how they accomplished this? Who gave the author(s) of the Balfour declaration the right to cede to the jews the state of Palestine and on what legal authority is this binding? Why was the Katyn forest massacre blamed on the Germans and when it was found to be of Soviet origins the record was not corrected in the west at the time? Why did Jacob Schiff of wall street give Leon Trotsky $20 million in gold to finance the Bolshovek revolution? Why did Austrians eagerly embrace national socialism and it was reported as Hitler annexed the country? Why is it always portrayed as Germany was solely responsible for WWII when in fact Britain and France first declared war on Germany and not the other way around? Why are there over 500 hollywood movies devoted to Hitler and the Nazis and nothing pertaining to Stalin? Why is it unlawful in 17 countries in Europe to state that less than 6 million jews died during the war? And finally why cant God choose me as well?

    The real problem is with the advent of the interwebs the people that used to control all the flow of information tv, movies, publishing, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. are in the process of being neutered, and the genie is now out of the bottle. Once I figured out what the deal was and verified it to my own satisfaction I have promised myself I will change as many minds as I possibly can for as long as I can for the betterment of the entire world.

  31. Apostolos 8 says:

    To silence all those who doubt the Holocaust, or the numbers perished, I have the solution – open it for debate and discussion then the whole problem would come to rest. If we can question the existence of God or the life of Christ certainly we can do the same for any other issue.

  32. Edward says:

    Fred, you have brought up some interesting and thought – provoking questions in your post. I always smile when I think of the scene in the film ‘The Sound of Music’ where the von Trapp family are fleeing across the mountains – when in fact all they did was go down to the station and board a train. C. Weinblatt and ‘AJ’ no doubt believe that the film version of the Von Trapp families ‘escape’ is the factual one – in the same manner that they believe that all the tall tales of the ‘holocaust’ are factual. (Notice that besides using inverted commas for the word ‘holocaust’, I never use a capital letter – I don’t afford it godlike status as Jews and believers do.)

    Whenever I have informed people of the despicable lie of the ‘human soap’ and ‘human skin lampshades’ (which is now admitted by ALL historians – including Jewish – to have been false, concocted stories ) they attempt to dispel their feelings of embarassment at having been duped all these years by saying: “Oh well, it was only a rumour’. A rumour? They seem to have forgotten their complete and absolute belief in these stories for decades! (C.Weinblatt was probably a staunch believer, regaling all who would listen with tales of what these diabolical Germans got up to!) The same ‘rumour’ which was presented at the Nuremberg trials and used as compounding evidence in sentencing German officers to death? The same ‘rumour’ which led to bars of soap being piously buried in Jewish cemeteries, with all the rights associated with a deceased human being? The same ‘rumour’ which was mentioned as fact in countless books and films, and which virtually everybody you meet will have heard of?

    Indeed, one such person, when I told them that the Nazis never manufactured soap from human remains, screamed at me, red in the face; “BUT THEY DID!!!!” This same person when presented with evidence and quotations from various historians (including Jewish) that it was simply not true, countered with the ‘rumour’ excuse. All this is is an attempt to now quietly sweep under the carpet something which was vociferously held to be ‘fact’.

    We’ll see, now that the Katyn forest massacre has been found to have been perpetrated by the Soviets, if subsequent books and articles will absolve Germany as quickly as what they were keen to blame them.

    The main reason Zionist organisations and Israel have pushed for it to have been made unlawful to state that fewer than six million Jews died in so many countries, is of course because if it was actually admitted to that far fewer died, reparations by Germany toward Israel would quickly dry up. So far, Germany has paid over 80 billion Euros to Israel as ‘holocaust’ guilt money, and there seems to be no end in sight. Indeed, certain Jewish bodies are now calling for reparations to be paid to even the grandchildren of ‘holocaust survivors’ ! This, besides the many hundreds of millions of dollars the United States gives to Israel every year simply because of the ‘holocaust’. It is certainly the ‘holocaust industry’ as political scientist Norman Finkelstein has termed it. ‘There’s no business like Shoah (Hebrew word for ‘holocaust’) business’ said one Jewish historian. He certainly hit the nail on the head!

    Luckily, the advent of the internet has resulted in information being disseminated around the world quickly and easily, informing millions of the untruths of the ‘holocaust’.

    To ‘Apostolos 8’, your solution simply cannot be implemented. As mentioned above, and as you should know, in many countries around the world, one cannot openly question or debate the ‘holocaust’. There are many websites, a number of books and articles by revisionists, but this is all ‘underground’, as it were. To question the standard ‘holocaust’ narrative, one is liable in many countries to fines of thousands of euros, imprisonment for up to five years, ostracism, loss of academic position, not to mention assault, or even murder. Open debate and discussion is therefore NOT ALLOWED. As you say, one can question absolutely anything else on this earth (and not of this earth ) but you cannot question the holocaust, without incurring the abovestated penalties. Not to mention that Mr. C. Weinblatt would become very upset! Strange that he has suddenly fallen silent, after my detailed post on 3 March. He had such a lot to say before then. I’m still waiting for answers to my questions regarding the drop of 2.5 million deaths at Auschwitz and the sudden ‘discovery’ of exactly the same amount thereafter, Mr. Weinblatt! This besides the illuminating comments by Primo Levi on his experiences at Auschwitz!

    People such as C.Weinblatt always trot out the old ‘anti-semitic’ and ‘prejudiced’ tags as supposed reasons for anyone questioning the ‘holocaust’. They do not want anyone to think that there might be sound reasoning, not to mention scientific evidence to back up revisionists’ claims. If the ‘anti-semitic’ and ‘prejudiced’ tags do not work, (and unfortunately for him, people are not falling for them as readily as they would have in the past), he resorts to calling them names such as ‘ignorant’ and ‘uneducated’. Come now, Mr. Weinblatt! We revisionists are waiting for you to enlighten us with your vast knowledge and insight!

    1. cweinblatt says:

      The Holocaust happened. Millions of innocent Jewish men, women and children were systematically exterminated. Virtually ALL professional historians agree on it. Virtually every dictionary and encyclopedia agrees on it. Virtually every high school, college and university teaches it. Every government in the free world agrees with it. Only intolerant bigots disagree. There will always be a few idiots who love to hate Jews. We’ve seen a few here. Enough said.

  33. Billy says:

    A truly brave and enlightened American patriot refusing to line up with the false racket of lie and intimidation. Go! Jones Go!

  34. Edward says:

    Oh…, I’m sorry! Now that Mr. Weinblatt has simply repeated his views, and told me that because most people believe as he does, I know I must be wrong.

    Never mind that he has not answered questions put to him regarding the massive drop in the official death toll at Auschwitz by 2 500 000, and the curious conundrum of the subsequent and immediate miraculous ‘discovery’ of, wait for it…exactly 2 500 000 additional Jewish persons supposedly killed by the Einsatzgruppen! I don’t suppose that this figure was manufactured in order to force the ‘holocaust’ death toll back up to the magical figure of 6 000 000, do you?

    This of course, contradicts the very encyclopedias to which Mr. Weinblatt refers. The Encyclopedia Brittanica, for example, in their 2001 edition, stated, nine years AFTER the ‘discovery’ of an additional 2 500 000 deaths that the Einsatzgruppen had killed about 1 000 000 persons in total. This was written by a Jewish hitorian, incidentally. So the Britannica contradicts a commonly held view. Here we have a Jewish historian and the Encyclopedia Britannica who don’t have (according to Mr. Weinblatt) their facts straight. If the Britannica can be wrong, what are the chances that all the other encyclopedias, many not as highly regarded as the Britannica, are correct?

    He also has not commented on Primo Levi’s statements which utterly refute and contradict the standard ‘holocaust’ story. Mr. Levi was interned at Auschwitz for three years, was a chemist, and wrote a highly regarded book, reprinted 25 times over the years – therefore his statements should not be taken lightly.

    Mr. Weinblatt does not have a very good memory, I’m afraid. He seems to have forgotten how, at one time, it was a widely held view that the earth was flat. It was also commonly regarded as fact that the earth was the centre of the universe. ‘Learned’ men believed so, as did heads of government. It was also printed in scientific journals as fact. Did this make it fact, however? To believe otherwise, one was branded a heretic, a ‘falsifier of facts’, terms which are not disimilar to those applied to revisionists today regarding the ‘holocaust’.

    We know now that the earth is not flat, and that the earth is not the centre of the universe. Those who believed so, are now regarded to have been indoctrinated, misled, and ignorant. So too it will be in future, when those who believed in the standard ‘holocaust’ narrative will be regarded as having been indoctrinated, misled and ignorant.

    Why, because I question the official ‘holocaust’ story, Mr. Weinblatt, would I be an ‘intolerant bigot’? Why, by the same token, would I be a Jew – hater? What has questioning certain aspects of the ‘holocaust’ to do with these slurs?
    As usual, persons such as yourself use these terms to foster doubt and animosity towards revisionists, in the minds of those who are not well versed in revisionists’ views.

    No need to worry, Mr. Weinblatt. As revisionists, we won’t fine you, sentence you to lengthy prison terms, physically assault you, or even threaten to kill you for airing your views. Unlike members of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League have perpetrated against revisionists over the years – simply for airing their views. Not surprisingly, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League is on the FBI’s list of most active terrorist organisations in the U.S.

    To utter the above slurs as you continually do, Mr. Weinblatt, is in itself bigoted and prejudiced – terms which no doubt apply specifically to you.

    Enough said? Yes, you most certainly have said enough.

    1. cweinblatt says:

      Edward, you are arguing with the wrong person. I do not claim that millions of Jews were systematically exterminated by Nazi Germany. That claim comes from virtually every professional historian in the free world.

      Visit any university and ask real historians (not your sources, who are not PhD’s in European History). Examine every public school, college and university in the free world. They all agree that six million innocent Jews were murdered because of their faith. That claim comes from literally every government in the free world, as well.

      No event in history has been as thoroughly researched as the Holocaust. Your “flat Earth theory” remains non-sequitur ad hominum. You did take philosophy, epistemology and ethics courses at a university level, did you not, “Edward?”

      Your disagreement is not with me, “Edward.” I simply post that all of the professional historical sources say that millions of Jews were murdered. They base it on literally thousands of thesis and dissertation research studies. You base your revision of history on a sad collection of a handful of anti-Semites (including some Jews), or your twisted figures that attempt to recreate history against Jews. You and a handful of intolerant bigots attempt to exhume six million Jewish bodies and erase them from the pages of history.

      Edward, let’s suppose for a moment that you are right (and you are not). Using your estimate that one million innocent Jewish men, women and children were exterminated by Nazi Germany (including Einsatzgruppen, who followed orders of the Nazi SS), it would still be the most egregious and widespread genocide against a religious group in history. Therefore, “Edward,” your own shrunken estimate of murdered Jews is still humanity’s worst genocide against a religion.

      Edward, or whoever you are (I have the guts to use my real name, while you hide your last name), using my estimate or yours, the Holocaust remains the worst genocide against a single race or religious group in history. Either way, “Edward,” we have the same result. Whether one million Jews were murdered for being Jewish, or whether six million innocent Jewish men, women and children were murdered because they were Jews, the result is the same. It remains the most massive genocide against innocent families only because of their religion.

      Therefore, “Edward,” your own shrunken estimates still ruin your attempted revision of history.

  35. Conrad says:

    Actually, latest figures for the numbers of Jews killed are very low, once you discount starvation, overworking and disease. Most historians now believe in the tens of thousands. The native american indians, for example, suffred losses of about 80 million.

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