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  1. J. Madison says:

    Sorry, Mr. Williams, what you did was not a “mistake”. It was a deliberate decision consituting a moral wrong, if not a criminal act. Acts of this caliber should take you out of football and into a jail. Perhaps the targets of your decision will find themselves lawyers to make you pay financially for your wrongs if the criminal justice system does not find it possible to make you pay with your freedom for a spell.

  2. Hans Delbrucke says:

    As the Fonz said, “2 + 2 = 5 That is a mistake. What you did was wrong.”. It is a lapse of judgment and Williams should be fired, fined and banned for at least a year. The fact that he has a history of coordinating the bounty programs in 3 different cities makes him a repeat offender and a poor excuse of an NFL representative. Fire his dumb @ss.

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