Josh Kraushaar, executive editor of The Hotline at The National Journal, gives us a Super Tuesday preview.

  1. Mary Syron says:

    I agree with your caller, Ralph (I think was his name), and yes, Rush should go into the MO Hall of Fame. It would be different if he used the kind of language he used all the time. He apologized and he seemed sincere.

    I have a question for you, Mark. Do you consider yourself a member of the Main Stream Media? My question to you and the others in this group, is why aren’t the likes of Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Bill Mahr never called out?? The names Mahr has used – especially toward Sara Palin, are downright in the gutter and in no way compare to something that Rush said.

    And lastly, Ms. Fluke shares some of this blame too, but I don’t hear a lot calling her out. She is a professional activist and is most certainly a “plant” by the left to deflect on the problems we have in this country.
    and yes… Rush didn’t help us in that regard.

    Thanks for allowing me this forum..

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