CLAYTON, MO –(KMOX)–A financial hit that would be “impossible to survive ” — that’s what the head of St. Louis Public schools is saying about the possibility of having to pay millions of dollars to transfer a new wave a students to St. Louis county schools.

“A study has shown it could cost upwards of $175 to $200 million, depending upon the number of students who transfer to county schools,” said city superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams, “I think the word is impossible, because it would be impossible for the district to survive that kind of financial hit.”

The district currently has an annual budget of $276 million, Adams said. He’s hoping a new round of student testing set for April will eliminate the need for students to flee the district.

“The best case scenario would be that academic achievement has occurred in grades three through eight, as well as in communication arts and mathematics to give the district enough points to indicate at least provisional, but hopefully full accreditation,” Adams said.

Adams spoke with KMOX as he was awaiting to testify in the Turner vs. Clayton court case, which could determine the fate of thousands of students in struggling school districts.

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  1. michael grady says:

    I have several questions for Dr. Adams as well as the Special Appointed Board: 1. What are the last requirements by State standards are needed for Provisional Accreditation other than test scores? 2. Why has the notion of restructuring the entire School District that is obviously seriously broken, not been considered my the S.A.B? The failure is NOT in the STUDENTS, but those that run the district! 3. Why hasn’t the vast Brain-Trust of Higher Education been utilized in solving the problems that plague SLPS?

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