KIRKWOOD, MO–(KMOX)–With passing motorists honking to show their support, a crowd of more than twenty protestors holding signs stood outside the park where Mitt Romney spoke with supporters.

“I think there’s not just a concern that he would forget, but that he never knew that there were people who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth,” said Julie Terbrock of Missouri Provote.

Hitting a similar theme, Richard von Glahn was there to represent the Communication Workers of America Local 6355. “I think Mitt Romney is really out of touch with the needs of our members,” von Glahn said, “Our members typically make 30 to 40 thousand dollars a year and struggle with college tuitions and health insurance costs.”

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments in which he called a supporter of abortion rights a “slut” prompted protestor Jane von Kaenel to take off work to protest Romney’s appearance. “Mitt Romney did not repudiate Rush Limbaugh’s profane, insulting degrading language,” von Kaenel said.

Protestor Dale Clemons stood on the corner with his black poodle “Sadie” nearby. Clemons was holding a sign that read: “Corporations are not people and dogs are not luggage.”

“I think it reflects on the man that he had his dog on the roof of his car,” Clemons said, “That just is inexplicable to me.”

A representative of planned Parenthood, Pamela Meritt was also there, warning that Romney’s opposition to abortion rights could endanger the “gains made by women” if he’s elected.

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