A.P. National Security Correspondent Sagar Meghani gave us the latest on the aftermath of the killing of 16 in Afghanistan.

How would you react if a potential employer wanted to use your credit report to vet you for a job?  We talked about it with Chris Lawson of the Eli Daniel Group.

TV Guide’s Matt Roush is fired up because the first new episode of “Mad Men” is coming up next week.

  1. Ferdi says:

    Dear CBS Personnel: I realize, sadly as a Spartan fan, that we don’t desreve to be on Nat’l TV the way we’ve played. How you divide up the country regarding who gets what game is likely beyond the understanding of the average fan and based on some information that TV people like yourselves possess; and I respect that.My issue is this: there are many CBS TV affiliates. Why not show the MSU/UM game on an alternate CBS station in states close to Michigan (such as NY, where I live!), since there may be people interested in seeing that game?Cordially,Dr. Green(Trivia: One of my brothers went to High School with Leslie Moonves)

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