Brett Blume

WENTZVILLE, Mo. (KMOX) –  The Wentzville Board of Aldermen voted unanimously not to renew the contract for red light cameras during Wednesday night’s meeting.

Those cameras, currently located at two intersections – the eastbound I-70 exit onto Pearce Blvd. and Meyer Rd. at the Wentzville Parkway – will be disconnected when the current contract with RedFlex expires in mid-2013.

The board vote went against the wishes and recommendations of Wentzville police chief Lisa Harrison, as well as mayor Paul Lambi.

“One of the biggest causes of property damage, death and injury (on the roadways) is intersection accidents,” Mayor Lambi told KMOX News. “If people think they can push that red light and get away with running it…that’s a bad thing. I think (red light cameras) provide a good, vital function.”

Lambi doesn’t deny the intense controversy that has long surrounded the red-light camera issue, and thinks that many of those who object to their use do so more out of a concern over privacy as opposed to public safety.

“I think (opponents) are just freaked out by the Big Brother aspect,” Lambi said. “But the last time I checked, I don’t think you’re guaranteed to privacy in public places and I don’t think the Constitution guarantees you the right to drive.”



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Comments (3)
  1. Down with Criminals says:

    The board of alderman made a wise decision, and they are intelligent realistic people that we welcome to be decision makers in the community. The mayor and police chief need to get past their own selfish intentions to use these scameras as a money grab for the city and theink about the fact they they will need to get re elected and should not go against the will of the people who wish to live free and not have their rights infringed upon.

  2. Wentzville Citizen says:

    Lambi is now telling us what the Constitution affords us in the way of privacy. How about common sense. It is a wise move to take out the cameras. They might provide some revenue to the city but in the long run are unpopular and could cost a ton in legal fee’s later. It was a good revenue stream but it’s time to kill it.

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