ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Six St. Louis city police officers are on administrative leave, following an officer-involved shooting death.

It all started when they responded to a shooting, Saturday night, in the 4000 block of St. Louis Avenue. Authorities say the officers were fired on —then pursued the suspects to the 4900 block of Maffitt.

When the two suspects exited the car, they allegedly pointed weapons at the officers and six police fired at them, killing one and wounding the other. No officers were injured.

The six officers range in age from 26 to 43 years old. Police have not released the name of the deceased suspect.

It is standard procedure for officers to be placed on leave following a shooting.

A police spokesperson told KMOX no news conferences were planned Sunday to talk about the incident.

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Comments (2)
  1. Baffled says:

    Grievances SOLVED BY MURDER????? Go figure. But these young assailant BY THEIR OWN CHOICE took their lives in their own hands to solve what?? As well these “suspects” not only fired on citizens—-for what reason who knows—but attempted to MURDER these police officers!!!! When will we not realize that young men and firearms and with whatever murderous grumble they dig up DO NOT MIX.
    THESE OFFICERS RESPONDED TO THE ASSAILANTS’ CHOICE. I am sure they would rather have not had to come to this conflict.

  2. j says:

    Nice shooting police, glad you are safe. Next time, shoot to kill both because prisions do need more lawless black men, and we dont need to pay for them to train to perfect their criminal behavior. The world would be a better place with out cop murdering thugs!

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