John and Michael talk with U.S. Senator John Thune (R-Idaho) about Mitt Romney and the race to the presidency.

John and Michael talks with Brent Stafford, the man who was arrested outside of the Missouri caucus.

Jeff Surtees, attorney representing St. Louis businessowner Frank O’Brien, discusses Mr. O’Brien’s lawsuit
against the HHS over the contraception mandate, the first lawsuit against the HHS over this issue in the country.

Normand LaTourelle, creator of Cavalia, featuring 38 artists and 45 horses, talks about the upcoming show which runs from Mar. 21-Apr. 8, under the white big top at the corner of South 7th and Cerre Streets, across Hwy. 40 from Busch Stadium. (For tickets, call 1-866-999-8111, or log on to

John and Michael talk with Dan Viets, Columbia, MO, attorney with Show Me Cannabis, about legalizing marijuana in the Show Me State.