Carol Daniel

BALLWIN, Mo.(KMOX) — The husband of the woman who police say shot the couple’s three young daughters and then herself last weekend told police he feared she was suicidal.   The deaths have been ruled a murder-suicide.

St. Louis County Police records obtained by KMOX show Leonard Adewunmi of Ballwin filed a missing persons report Friday evening.  In his statements to police he said his wife Christine was diagnosed as bi-polar and was depressed and that she had left with the kids twice before including once just days before she went missing.  He also told police that his wife had lied about her whereabouts but that she had always returned home.  He last saw his family Friday morning when he went to work.  He told officers when he came home that evening at 6pm and they weren’t home, that’s when he began calling his wife’s cell phone.  Adewunmi says he got no answer after 25 attempts.  He also called her father and sister and neither of them had heard from her.

He was able to track her credit card use and told authorities that it was used Friday morning around 11 a.m. at a McDonald’s restaurant in Sullivan Missouri.

Leonard Adewunmi also told authorities that he had checked the history on the families computer to show which web sites were visited and he believed she was looking at web sites on how to kill yourself and searches for depression.  Christine Adewunmi had gone to see a therapist according to her husband and she’d been advised that she should go to the hospital,

Later Saturday afternoon, Christine’s sister Debbie Van Deven told police that Christine and Leonard had gone to Mercy Hospital for an evaluation Thursday March 15th and that Christine had told the hospital staff that she planned to admit herself for treatment the next day, the same day she left home.  Van Deven told police she didn’t believe that her brother-in-law knew that his wife had agreed to admit herself.

The Missouri Highway Patrol reports the bodies were found Saturday afternoon at the Blue Springs Ranch and Resort near Bourbon, Missouri about 80 miles from St. Louis.  The girls, Lauren, Samantha and Kate were ages 8, 6 and 3.

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Comments (8)
  1. P says:

    My heart goes out to the family. These beautiful, innocent little angels did not deserve this. I believe that a thorough investigation must occur before any conclusions are made. My heart goes out to their mom who if she did need medical attention she was unable to receive it in time. I think that it is important that we remember that four beautiful people are gone and if the mother is not responsible for the deaths of her children and herself then the police should be looking for a murderer. The Police in many of these small towns have no idea how to investigate a Murder/Suicide. They should have performed a Gun Shot Residue Test (GSR) on the mother’s hands. This will determine if she actually fired the weapon. The police must ascertain the origin of the gun, etc… Was mom familiar with the area? Had she been there before? If it is discovered that mom did not kill her beautiful children and herself the police must hunt down the Murderer(s) and bring him to justice. REST IN PEACE LITTLE ANGEL’S

    1. CJ says:

      What?! Your heart goes out to the mom!? Crazy!! The father lost both his wife and his 3 BEAUTIFUL little girls!!! MY heart goes out to this father who just lost 4 individuals who I’m sure meant the world to him!!

    2. ellem says:

      Obviously you watch alot of CSI and I am sure you know very little about small town police departments. How do you know what the police have done or not done? Please think before you speak.

    3. Ms says:

      CJ- If the mom was mentally ill, this wasn’t necessarily a “choice” in the way that rational people make decisions. Of course we grieve for the father, but he likely loved his wife very much and even through the anger and grief he probably still does. Good people do horrible things sometimes and when they do, we’re left not understanding. Nobody is crazy for wishing a sick woman could have gotten some help.

  2. lipstick warrior says:

    I feel for the entire family, those who are left behind to suffer and deal with the grief of such a tragedy. There must be some responsibilty taken by families with loved ones who are suffering from mental illness, Bi-Polar disease is a tragic illness that can take someone you love and change them into someone you don’t recognize. The mother should have been hospitalized, it seems that many knew she was suicidal, this is a situation that can become very dangerous, was she taking her meds? It seems that her Therapist knew she was suicidal because it was suggested that she be admitted into the hospital. Most Therpists would call that a danger to ones self and have her admitted,no questions asked. Sometimes force must be taken for the benefit of all, the one that is sick and those around them.

  3. j says:

    did her situation drive her insane? Im sure there is a lot more to this story.

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