SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) — A new report gives Illinois a B-minus for transparency.

The state-by-state report, “Following the Money 2012,” puts Illinois in the middle of the pack, says Brian Imus, the state director of the consumer group Illinois PIRG (Public Interest Research Group). His office and counterparts in other states studied state governments’ web sites to determine how easy it is to find information about public expenditures.

“It’s not easy to download the information and be able to compare the data,” Imus says of Illinois’ information. “There also isn’t a way to link from the web site on how state dollars are being spent to city and county budget data as well. Some other states already do that, and Illinois should do the same.”

Imus says there is one very bright spot for Illinois: “We are currently the only state that provides information on both the projected benefits and the actual benefits created from economic development subsidies,” he said.

Imus says the places in which Illinois fell down in the report were mainly in how easy it is to get the information online.

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