ST. PETERS, Mo. (KMOX) –  No delegates were selected, but two arrests were made during Saturday’s caucus in St. Charles County.

“It’s an unfortunate nature of the beast,” according to St. Charles County Republican Central Committee member Jon Bennett.

Apparently what set off the fracas was the election of a caucus chairperson without opposition.

Bennett said that was done to head off a suspected move by Ron Paul and Mitt Romney supporters to “take over” the causus, and split the delegates between those two GOP hopefuls.

“Is that fair? And of course their argument is going to be ‘Yeah, that’s the name of the game’,” Bennett said later. “Well, you know, we had to do some things that were also the ‘name of the game’. It’s an ugly process.”

St. Charles County was to have been the single largest prize of the Missouri caucuses this weekend, but it was shut down when an uproar developed over how the meeting was being conducted.

Two supporters of Republican hopeful Ron Paul were taken into police custody.

Comments (4)
  1. Lee OFallon says:

    Two Ron Paul supporters arrested? Why not say two Missourians, or two people that brush their teeth? Why not say WHY they were arrested? One was arrested for breaking a (supposed) rule? You can be arrested for breaking a private party rule? That’s not even a criminal act! Next, the other one was arrested outside for talking to other people. Why arrest him, and not just start loading up people on the edge of the group? Why pick out one person- the guy in the middle? An obvious show of intimidation.

  2. Brandy Pedersen says:

    Jon Bennett does not represent me. I have NEVER agreed with a word that comes out of his mouth.

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