Michael Calhoun

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Occupy protesters have apparently left their mark in St. Louis.

Mayor Slay posts to Facebook say that city Director of Public Safety Eddie Roth’s home has twice been marked with Occupy graffiti.

Some of the protesters, gathering here from across the Midwest, blame Roth for Thursday night’s violent encounter with police, and they’ve spread his name on Twitter.

Roth says “we are fine — annoyed but not worried.”

Meantime, a utility box near Tower Grove Park has “OCCUPY!” spray painted on it. There’s also a handwritten note taped to the box which says, “Occupy St. Louis did not condone this spray painting and will be having it removed A.S.A.P.”

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Comments (6)
  1. RCD says:

    The only difference between Occupy members and a Street Gang is a college education.

  2. Subsidize Me! says:

    Now remember, kiddies: Rules do not apply to the Occupods, but by God, they’re going to make up a bunch that are going to apply to **you**.

    And unless a local 1%-er was out spray-painting OWS slogans on public property, how can the ‘pods disavow the graffiti? Wasn’t someone within the 99% doing the vandalism?

  3. Ann Learner says:

    The “occupy” graffiti on the utility box was scrubbed down by Occupy members around 4pm on Mon. 3/19. We have arranged for another member to use graffiti remover on on the ghost of the graffiti that remains.
    This was part of the clean up members did and are doing since the Occupy the Midwest Conference concluded on Sunday. Most of the guest from out of town left Sunday after being certain the Tower Grove spaces we used were were litter free. That park was surveyed by a member on Sunday and note was taken of any graffiti some person, possibly connected to, but not condoned by Occupy the Midwest had left behind.

    The conference was over Sunday, I just learned of this damage here.
    I DEPLORE THIS DEFACING. There are meeting nearly everyday and I’m sure the meeting tonight Tues. will deal with this.

  4. Earl says:

    The cost of clean up should be billed to the louts who did the damage.
    Any comparison of this Godless, lawless, unwashed group of losers to the Tea Party is completely inappropriate.

  5. Bev says:

    @ Ann. I hope they follow through immediaely. It really puts your group in a really bad light even if it was just a couple of bad guys who went too far. But I’m betting the City will have the cleanup started before you guys have your meeting. At least I hope so.

  6. Derya says:

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