ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — The principal of Point Elementary school in the Mehlville School district is accused of lewd conduct in Forest Park.

James E. Walters, 49, was issued a summons by a park ranger for the alleged incident on Friday afternoon, March 16.

The citation says Walters was in his car, a green Mazda, parked near Concourse Drive and Mckinley .

“I observed Walters grab his genitals while talking to a person in his vehicle who later confessed to what was happening,” the park ranger wrote.

Walters is scheduled to appear in court to answer the charge on April 24.

The Mehlville School district superintendent has issued a statement stressing that the allegations don’t involve school property or a student. The statement says the principal disputes some, if not all, of the allegations. But the district says the principal won’t return to Point Elementary unless and until the District determines that to do so is appropriate and safe for all students.

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Comments (5)
  1. Dan Amono says:

    If a guy shows/ grabs his genitals and then goes to meet another guy at the parking lot it sounds a lot like gay anonymous sex acts. Jim, we always wondered why you and Dean were so close… we know.

    1. Brad Hughes says:

      No where in the summons does it suggest Dr. Walter’s as you say “show’d his genitals” In fact.. it”s because he did not. Respectfully Mr. Amono, you have no facts that make your statements even close to the truth at all.

      When the facts do play out…. I’d be worried about a character defamation suit against you for these comments… because if it were me.. I’d sure sue you.

    2. Kelly Brawley says:

      Wow Dan, my husband and his friends are close too. Should I now wonder why?? All of this is based on one person’s report of what happened. A person who was quite possibly facing a lewd and indecent citation himself. It is amazing what a person will say, or “confess” to, to cover their own hides. It sounds like you have some serious issues, if this is your jump from a “park ranger” (not a real police officer) seeing a guy put his hand on his genitals (which you guys do all the time anyway) from God only knows how far away!! My guess is, this ranger was not standing right there. How far away was he when he observed anything?? Do you know any of the facts of this case?? Instead of attacking a respectable, intelligent, amazing, caring man, why don’t you look into how you can help yourself and figure out why you need to attack someone who I’m sure has earned more respect than you will ever know in your life!

  2. Friend says:

    Known the guy for years. Hard to imagine this is true. So many will throw someone under the bus before they know anything and ruin a person’s career. It’s already tarnished if this is false because of one person’s accusation

  3. Brad Hughes says:

    Ad a broadcaster myself… I am trying to figure out how you can just make stuff up in your stories. I’ve reviewed the summons in the Dr. Walter’s matter…. And your story which you say quotes the summons says “The citation says Walters was in his car, a green Mazda, parked near Concourse Drive and Mckinley… etc. is not even close to accurate. NO WHERE in the summons does it suggest Mr. Walter’s was in his car, in fact he was not… he was jogging in the park and your story along with the other false accusation places it completely out of context. You’ve clearly taken liberty with the summons and made some assumptions that cross a line and are VERY dangerous. I realize the issue of whether he was in the car or not may make no difference to you given the summons charge…… but the true story which will prevail on this matter will make you look foolish to have even suggested it.

    Get your facts straight… get your story straight. Your coverage is irresponsible and demeans the credibility of your overall news product in my opinion.

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