Brett Blume

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  Gas prices shot up again overnight while you were sleeping — now topping out at $4.19 for regular unleaded in parts of the Metro East — and a quick check of the history books shows we’re just about to reach record territory.

According to the AAA’s price-checking website, St. Louis-only prices topped out at $3.995 in July, 2008.

The current average for the same region now?

$3.943 — a nickel lower.

Factor in the Metro East where fuel prices have topped $4-a-gallon for regular unleaded for a couple of weeks now, and the bi-state region’s average is pushing right up against that dreaded $4 mark.

It’s currently $3.997.

Bargain hunters can still find gasoline going for as “low” as $3.79 in St. Charles and parts of north St. Louis.


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