Should conservatives want the Supreme Court to uphold Obama Care? Conor Boyack, director of the Utah Tenth Amendment Center, tells us why he thinks it’s a good idea.’s Dave Cantanese tells us about some GOP Senate races gaining momentum, including Missouri.

Ed Martin, GOP candidate for Missouri Attorney General, criticizes current AG Chris Koster for not doing enough on behalf of Missouri citizens to object to Obama Care.

It might not be until June when we will know how the Supreme Court will rule on the Obama Healthcare Law. Cully Stimson, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, with an update.

A proposed law may help some sex offenders in Missouri get of the registry. St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCullough gives us his thoughts.

Do you love bacon enough to be buried in it? A couple guys in Seattle think so and have developed the bacon coffin. Dave Lefkow is one of the bacon entreprenuers and he tells us all about it.

  1. yellowroselady says:

    In the interview with Bob McCullough where he states he saw somewhere the recidivism rate for registered former sexual offenders is 5% and he didn’t know where that came from. The Justice Policy Institute issued that some time ago. You will hear or read a 49% recidivism rate and that is incorrect. The recidivism rate is 5% for another “sexual” crime” but some folks like the private prison industry who are currently shopping the governors with their offering to build and maintain their prisons if the state “guarantees” them a 90% fill rate hence furthering the hype and hysteria. The other 95% of sexual offenses come from within the family unit, neighbors or someone known to the family. The Penn State, Jerry Sandusky, scenario is a prime example of this. Why put 763,000 men, women and children on a national registry across the states and make the public feel they are now “safe!” There are many forensic psychologists like Jill Levenson, Tamara Lave, Karen Franklin and others that have issued studies saying this is not true.

    Mr. McCullough said this bill takes the disgression away from the judges and as one representative said during the House hearings there are liberal judges and conservative judges and the results would differ.

    We need to use some of the state money saved from scaling down the registry to educate the parents, children and teens about sexual safety and ways to protect themselves from those NOT already on a sexual offender registry.
    Women Against Registry

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