Michael Calhoun

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A large fight was followed up by a barrage of gunfire in the heart of the Delmar Loop entertainment district late Saturday.

Police tell KMOX that two people were hospitalized after the shooting, taken to the hospital in a car ridden with bullet holes. A 19-year-old male was shot in the left armpit and is in critical but stable condition and a 17-year-old was shot in the left abdomen and is in stable condition.

The night of violence began at 8:30, when witnesses say a large fight involving young people broke out near the intersection of Skinker and Delmar.

Police swarmed the area. Sirens were heard across the city as officers left their posts to lend aid.

“At one point, I just heard people screaming,” Sarah Holder said as she waited to go inside a concert at the Pageant. “I was a little scared.”

Then, at 11:10, a series of a half dozen or so gunshots rang out in the parking lot of Church’s Chicken. The sidewalks were filled with people who frantically dove behind tables, chairs, bushes and signs.

“I just saw a young man shooting the gun and kind of kept my eye on him, so he didn’t turn towards me,” said Luke Olczyk, who was parked in his car and talking on the phone at the time.

KMOX’s Michael Calhoun recorded this audio while taking refuge behind a parked car:

Employees from the Pin Up Bowl, directly across the street, shouted as they ushered patrons inside for safety.

“Everyone ran inside. I ran inside,” Tom Winkler described.

In 2007, the American Planning Association named the Delmar Loop one of America’s “10 Great Streets.” It was the site of a similar large fight on April 10, 2011.

“It sucks. This is my stomping ground. This is my Loop,” Winkler lamented. “I’d just like a place to hang out without worrying about getting a stray bullet in the side of the head.”

Comments (21)
  1. Ed Golterman says:

    St. Louis is a huge ‘cover-up’ and totally out of control. What have been the benefits of the cover-ups? How do you even approach solutions when you
    will not even acknowledge the problems.

  2. JanCarol says:

    Poverty and desperation are ugly. Especially when they come to your neighborhood. It’s all around, so get used to an urban war zone. Because THEY have it and everybody else wants it or will want it.

    I’m so sorry to hear this, St. Louis, and to my friends who live there. Do you make peace with it? Fight it? Change things? Or just imprison a lot of people who are hot and bothered over a day’s bread?

    1. stupidfnkinds says:

      I think this goes beyond hot and bothered over daily bread. You heard the loud stereo drive away, they have money, they are given money through our taxes, they’re not starving…

  3. Urban Safety Solutions says:

    Scary to think that we aren’t even into the summer and already there have been multiple instances of indiscriminate shootings and random acts of violence. If this trend continues, families, couples and people just enjoying the diverseness of what the Loop has to offer will stop visiting due to safety concerns.

    As a frequent visitor to the Loop, this issue of violent teenagers with guns will adversely effect the local businesses.

    This problem better be resolved immediately and I’m hoping that the security cameras being installed will help identify large gatherings of teenagers before violence erupts.

    Just a thought?

  4. stupidfnkinds says:

    It’s not poverty and desperation, it’s a a lack of respect and a discipline. Sad to say, but Rodney is absolutely right.

    1. Jared says:

      Correct. A lack of respect and discipline. You will never learn these if you don’t have to work for anything. In a welfare society, the loss of these values is practically guaranteed.

  5. witness says:

    I have been all around this country and never seen anything like what i saw last night. My wife and I were on our way to the Pagaent at about 8:30 when the streets and sidewalks were in complete chaos. There were hundreds and hundreds of black kids all walking the same direction toward skinker and delmar. Most i would say ranged in age from 12-20 with a few a little older. When we had almost made it to the pagaent many cop cars went by and all hell broke loose as these kids were running back in the direction they came from. Where did this many kids come from in a group like this. I was thankful to have made inside the safety of the pagaent and civilized people hoping by the time the show was over the streets would clear. Hopefully the bands that i enjoy seeing at the pagaent will find a different venue a little farther from the ghetto. This city has a serious problem from what i have seen in the last few years. Something needs to be done!!!

  6. Harold Broncton says:

    I thought the legalization of abortion in 1972 was to supposed to prevent these kinds of people from existing.

  7. Joshua says:

    But there is a segregated community here in STL. And a instant change from a ghetto habitat to college wealth make the middle class folks scared of black people. those Flash mobs are like scheduled events. i think we do need a 21 jump street to kill off these gangs stuff is ridiculous. You can drive up and down Skinker and see the instant change. But these shear acts of prejudice/racism is ludicrous.

  8. Smithjones says:

    Where the Heck is Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton NOW!!!!!! Here once again Huge problem of violence involving BLACKS and JeSSE & Al are NO where to be found. Maybe Slay can replace Rainford with Jesse are Al and they can hold hands singing Ebony & Ivory and maybe this will get things taken care of.

  9. TheBLACKGuy says:

    I find it funny when people make racist comments through the internet, but the first black person they see, they are crossing the other side of the street. You wouldn’t DARE express any of that in person, so please leave the ignorance to yourself.

    1. George Z. says:

      Get a grip dude. No one is scared of black people! We baby you a little bit but you still cry racism every chance you get. Quit trying to act scary by posting stupid stuff like this. Ima call out everybody EQUALLY for their stupidity. ONline or in person!

    2. JMM says:

      They cross the street because they don’t want any trouble. I personally do not want to be a victim of the knockout kings game, or polar bear hunting as the racist thugs like to call it. And those attacks are not happening in Chesterfield with gangs of white kids, they are happening in the inner city by gangs of black kids with no direction or moral compass. They cross the street because they are smarter and think of consequences before they act.

  10. George Z. says:

    All of these “innocent children” were probably just on their way home eating skittles. Their hoods were up probably because their mother was sooo concerned about them catching a cold.

    Get your mutts under control parents!!! Or in this case single mothers!!

  11. Richard says:

    A spokesman from the city was on the radio this afternoon and he asked that the Shell station and Church’s Chicken notify the police when crowds begin to congregate. I guess he was unaware that the city police have been parking an armored car, which supposedly has surveillance cameras on that lot last year and this year. One would think that there would already be some police in the area and he would not have to rely on Church’s staff to stop frying my bird to call the police. With awareness and leadership like his; I’m sure we will get the problems resolved.

  12. Michael says:

    Another violent anti-solcial outburst by blacks. And of course there’s plenty of whites to tell us that it’s all perfectly unacceptable. And so the cycle continues unabated. The Loop will go under the way of Gaslight Square did.

  13. raparisza says:

    WOW. All this talk of racism toward white people.?. Yet most of you sound more racist then people I’ve known from the DEEP south. Most people, Black,White, or any shade in between, ARE hard working and peaceful. Its when bigots see one example then start lumping everyone of a color into a group, and that means both sides. Most black people are hard working members of society and most white people dont feel the need to cross the street when a black person walks down the sidewalk. Quit enforcing stereotypes and maybe we can actually make progress.

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