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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Saturday night, the Delmar Loop saw a flash mob — hundreds of young people gathering, some fighting, some frightening the patrons of one of the area’s major entertainment streets.

St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom says his department provided a quick response, mainly because they had an advance indication a crowd like that might form, “We anticipated that and had a number of officers here. But, unfortunately we had a bad situation. That certainly is not typical of this area.”

Delmar Loop business owner Joe Edwards says he hopes the public will understand, “Don’t let one night paint a picture that’s inaccurate. Enjoy The Loop. Don’t be held hostage by the fact that a couple of kids got a bit out of hand.”

Police broke up the crowd and made two arrests.  Then, several hours later, bullets flew near Skinker and Delmar in what appeared to be a drive-by shooting.  Two teenagers were wounded and the gunmen got away.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay says both his city and University City are working together to ensure the safety of those visiting The Loop. After an hour and a half discussion with police, business owners, and some aldermen, he came out with this message, Sunday, “We will not tolerate bad behavior. There’s going to be zero tolerance for knuckleheads or anybody trying to disrupt the fun people are having here at the Delmar Loop.”

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  1. Smithjones says:

    Boy Oh Boy that Francis Slay real told them , What Joke. People you need to be Informed of these things happening and one big reason is the Mayor feels public safety cuts are in order and the Police are not allowed to ENFORCE LAWS with stern consequences. I would’nt go the the Loop are muchless Downtown St Louis due to the problem with Crime and the nature of it and the amount of it , that we never hear about since the Mayor has a strangle hold on the media.

    1. Chris Stephens says:

      It is real easy for the Mayor and Joe Edwards to want to lie and deny about this. The Mayor only goes to the loop in the daytime with his armed body guard and Joe Edwards has too much money invested in the businesses to admit to the public that it is infested with hood rats. When the facts and statistics are happening right in front of you…how do you stomach not calling it what it is?

  2. Russ says:

    Ghetto Loop…… Not going back!

  3. Urban Safety Solutions says:

    “Couple of kids got bit out of hand”…300 or more swarming teenagers I consider to be a mob. Until we acknowledge a problem exist, the out of control madness will continue.
    But I’m not going to allow teenage thugs to prevent me from shopping and dining at the Loop.

  4. Your Momma says:

    It’s a shame that the loop is going downhill so fast. There are too many lil thugs and thundercats looking for trouble.

    I bet all 200 of them were just walking home eating skittles…lol. Too many mutts with bad parents nearby that area. It’s like a bunch of stray dogs running around.

  5. duck says:

    Why can’t Slay and i som tell the truth. This is a racial thing. Most if not all of the Knuckleheads (as Slay call them) are black. They are going to ruin the loop just as they ruined St. Louis center. Union station and the riverfront.
    When are these politicians going to wake up.
    These people come down to the loop for one reason to raise hell and cause problems for all of the clientel that frequent the area.
    Where is the outrage now?
    Just downplay the situation and hope that no opne gets killed.
    In the furture some armesd citizen or ploice officer is going to shoot one of the thugs and then the Sharptons and Jacksons will have a field day making up excuses as to why the thugs act the way they do.
    Tell the truth and then mayby we can start to solve the problem

  6. Chris Stevens says:

    200 ghetto rats acting up and injuring and shooting people is NOT a fluke! It is an outrage. We have to call it what it is and address it! We can’t keep lying to yourself and acting like it is “rowdy kids” it is what it is….
    When the businesses close and the area is abandoned to become a rundown trashed ghetto are our mayor and public leaders going to say “it’s ok…they just need a basketball court or something to keep them busy…”. The mayor is REAL quick to say ‘the loop is safe” when he is only there in the daytime with his armed body guards…..

  7. RS says:

    “young people” “youths” “teens”

    The approved media code words.

  8. Moral Christian says:


  9. Jmm says:

    This was not an isolated incident. I was down at the Loop two years ago with my husband. We went to see a movie at the Tivoli. When we left we were surrounded by 100 youths , screaming, cursing being intimidating. I felt uncomfortable and just wanted to get the hell home. That was two years ago and seem like not too much has changed. I have not been back since and will not plan on going back in the future. It’s right….Sy. Louis Center, The Mills, Union Station etc….. You need to have ZERO tolerance for this. Sorry Mr. Edwards, not buying your words…you have lots of $ at stake and I really do feel sorry for you stuck in the middle of crazytowm. I just hope Metro Link never comes to St. Charles County.

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