Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–With gas prices vexing voters, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill took her campaign for re-election to a downtown gas station to argue she tried to fight “big oil,” but claims Republicans blocked her.

McCaskill pointed to her co-sponsorship of a bill that would have taken away tax breaks for oil companies, a measure killed by Republicans.

“Do the most profitable corporations in the history of the planet need extra money from the American taxpayer?” McCaskill said, “I do not think they do. I do not think that what we give them now has resulted in any break at the pump.”

Standing by a BP station where gas prices are $3.89, down a dime from their spring peak, McCaskill was asked how high prices can go before her own re-election is in trouble.

“This isn’t about the political terms, “McCaskill said, “This is about whether people are paying too much for gasoline, and they are now.”

Pushing another populist theme, McCaskill says she plans to vote in favor of a bill that would implement “the Buffett Rule,” under which multi-millionaires would pay higher taxes.

Looking thinner and fit, and in full-campaign mode, McCaskill was surrounded by an entourage of six staffers for the event. She was asked if she plans to invite President Obama to come to Missouri to stump for her — despite his low approval rating.

“You know, if the President were to come to Missouri to help with fundraising, and I asked him to come to Missouri to help with fundraising, and he has not yet done that,” McCaskill said, “I think he would be the first to tell Missourians I can sometimes be a real pain. I have disappointed him on some of my positions, cap and trade. I disagree with him on Keystone.”

McCaskill also addressed the current political fundraising climate with the use of anonymous super pack money attacking her.

“I think they’re horrible,” McCaskill said, “I mean, the notion that the people of Missouri don’t even get to know who’s telling the lies about me.”

McCaskill admitted she’s been busy raising campaign money to fight back. A reporter asked her if she plans to self fund her campaign.

“I think that would be a hard sell at my house,” she said laughing.

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