Brian Kelly

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-With the tax filing deadline just over a week away the IRS has some suggestions.

IRS spokesman Michael Devine says if you made less than $57,000 last year you can do your federal taxes for free.  Devine tells Total Information AM you can go to and click on Free File, “Then you can pick from one of 15 brand name software companies that do tax software, You can go into their site and do your state return at the same time you’re doing your federal return.”

Devine says there might be a charge for your state return. He says the sites work for short and long form returns.

He says that by using these programs, you reduce the risk of making a mistake that catches the IRS’ attention, “There’s less than a 1% chance of making a mistake on an electronic return that’s going to generate a notice from the IRS. If you’re doing it the old-fashioned pencil and paper way the error rate goes up to about 20%”

The filing deadline is midnight April 17.


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