JEFFERSON CITY, MO. (KMOX) – The Republican controlled Missouri House voted to put gun rights on the November ballot.

The resolution would establish a constitutional right to purchase and process ammunition. It would also permit the manufacturing of ammunition.

Republican Pacific Representative Paul Curtman says the bill protects the second amendment of the United States Constitution.

“It creates a positive reinforcement for something that we already have, a natural right  to protect our God given liberties, our right to life even.”

Opponents of the bill voiced concerns about increased crime. Democratic St. Louis Representative Jamilah Nasheed says this legislation perpetuates crime.

“The only thing you get out of a piece of legislation like this is death and destruction.”

Democratic Troy Representative Ed Scheiffer says it protects the right to bear arms.

“It protects everybody in this room and all our families – the right to protect ourselves in our homes.”

If this legislation is approved by the Senate, it would require voter approval.

Links:  HJR49


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