Brian Kelly

(KMOX)-The Parkway School board is expected to unveil a proposal tonight, to merge some programs with the neighboring Rockwood School District.

The two districts are talking about putting their non tax-funded, self-supporting community education programs together as a way to reduce expenses and maybe increase income.

Parkway Spokesman Paul Tandy tells KMOX, “We’re duplicating efforts when we have people in both districts that are essentially processing registrations and so forth. If we were to be able to consolidate our hope would be that we would be able to reduce that.”

Tandy says merging activities like swimming lessons and recreational sports would also make them more attractive, “Our hope would be that it would provide more convenient opportunity for the residents to do that sort of thing so they could take a class that was closest to their home as opposed to having to drive to wherever we offered it.”  He says it would erase the ‘imaginary line’ between the districts.

Tandy says the merging of the activities would not be a step toward eventually merging the two districts. He says, however, that if the merger is completed and it works out well, the districts could look into merging community education programs with other nearby districts.

The Parkway board is expected to discuss the idea tonight, the Rockwood board tomorrow night. Tandy says the earliest the merger could take place is the fall of 2013.


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