ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Politically active musician Ted Nugent reaffirmed his support for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney this weekend, using colorful language to express his ire with the Obama administration in the process.

New York Magazine is now reporting that the United States Secret Service is paying attention.

“We are aware of it, and we’ll conduct an appropriate follow-up,” a spokesman for the Secret Service is quoted as saying.

Nugent took multiple verbal swings at the sitting President and his administration.

“If you don’t know that our government is wiping its [butt] with the Constitution, you’re living under a rock someplace,” he said to an assembled crowd during a convention for the National Rifle Association this past weekend.

He continued his attacks on Obama, describing him and his government as vile and evil, before stating that if he were to be reelected President, Nugent would “either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

He added that America would be “a suburb of Indonesia” next year if Romney did not win the election.

Link to video. Warning: Video contains some strong language.

Before the NRA convention Ted Nugent told KMOX’s Mark Reardon that “the embarrassing curse of apathy is destroying America,” and urged everyone to reach out to their elected official.

“We the people bent over for so long that we allowed these America haters to control our wonderful country.” He said he believes that this year will be a pivotal moment for America.

Nugent concluded, “We are patriots … we need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off!”

Before using his voice to wax political, Nugent performed as a singer and guitarist with acts such as The Amboy Dukes, and as a solo artist.


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