St. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – What’s been called the “holy grail of baseball cards” has been auctioned on-line for a record price. The card is a 1909 “T206” Honus Wagner. St. Louisan Bill Goodwin is president of Goodwin Company , which ran the “Masterpiece and Uncommon Commons XL” auction. Goodwin said the Honus Wagner card was sold for one-million, 232-thousand, 466 dollars (1,232,466 dollars) to someone in New Jersey.

“This one surpassed the previous garde (of card) by over 300-thousand dollars which is a new record price.”  There’s only been 42 graded and only five graded higher than this  particular issue.”

Goodwin said this card is the finest sports collectible that you can obtain.

The Honus Wanger card was owned by a Houston businessman.

The tobacco cards used to be included in packs of cigarettes. Collectors believe Wagner’s cards are rare because he stopped allowing the American Tobacco Co. to use his image, fearing it would encourage children to smoke.

Nicknamed the “Flying Dutchman,” Wagner was the National League batting champion in eight of his 21 seasons and finished his career with a lifetime .329 average. He retired in 1917 with more hits, runs, RBIs, doubles, triples steals than any National League player.


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