JEFFERSON CITY, MO. (KMOX) – If you had walked into the Missouri Senate Chambers Thursday you would have thought a cooking class was being conducted.

Senators were embroiled in a discussion over cranberry bread.  It was part of a filibuster against Senator Jane Cunningham’s teacher tenure measure.

Republican Senator Bob Dixon, still using the cooking analogy, wondered why the bill wasn’t heard by the education committee: “It seems to me that if we want to have a good product that we wouldn’t try to fast bake it in the microwave.”

Cunningham’s bill would require teachers to work for ten years, instead of five, to get tenure.

In the end, Senator Cunningham had all of the cranberry bread talk she could take “I am not going to keep the body here for a long discussion on a Thursday” said Sen. Cunningham.

Cunningham’s bill would require teachers work for ten years , instead of five, before getting tenure.

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