WASHBURN, Mo. (CBS St. Louis) — A Missouri teacher is accused of making a 6-year-old girl sit in her own diarrhea.

Lisa Skidmore, mother of the kindergartner at Southwest Elementary School in Washburn, told KY3-TV that the teacher would not allow her daughter to go to the bathroom during a test which caused the girl to have the accident

“They told me the teacher had asked her to go to the bathroom before testing time,” Skidmore told the station.

She said her daughter was forced to sit in the classroom for 15 minutes following the accident while students were still taking the test and that it took her another 20 minutes to get to the school after she was called.

“They didn’t even bother trying to clean her up or anything,” Skidmore told KY3. “She still had poop, diarrhea poop, coming out the back, up her front, down her legs.”

Skidmore added that a teacher gave the child a trash bag to wrap around her waist.

“If it’s your child, I mean it hits a raw nerve,” she told the station.

Bob Walker, superintendent for the Southwest R-V School District, told CBS St. Louis in a statement that the trash bag accusation is not true.

“Perhaps an error of judgment was made when examining what truly happened, but an appropriate state agency is conducting an investigation, whose findings based on facts will be forthcoming,” Walker said in the statement.

Walker also asked to “refrain from a rush to judgment” about the teacher.

“A veteran teacher with a twenty-three year spotless record , as well as a school district that is committed to serving children, is being attacked, based at least in part, on untruths.”

The parents do not plan on filing charges.


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