Opening with the 1-2 Punch as most Sports Hub editions do, Chris Kerber talks about athletes now playing analyst while Mike Claiborne is excited for the emotional reaction following picks on Thursday night for the open of the 2012 NFL Draft.

From one KMOX Sports show to another, Jim Thomas continues to dish out the knowledge of wisdom on the eve of the 2012 NFL Draft. When Jim first started covering the draft, things were different, but certainly one difference today is the amount of disinformation.

Who makes the list in this edition of ‘You blew it’? Along with the usual list of referees and umpires, there’s plenty of other individuals plus organizations that were a couple of cans short of six-pack.

The Blues and the Kings drop the puck at some time on Saturday. Breaking down the more interesting battles of this series, Kerber and Claiborne discuss the goalies, defense, style of play and the head coaches. Do you agree? Also, while breaking down the goalies, the defending champions fall in a Game 7.

NFL Draft analyst Chris Steuber thinks that wide receiver Justin Blackmon will be the first pick for the St. Louis Rams. His guess is as good any other at this point, but Steuber certainly has his reasons why he thinks that will happen when he joins the broadcast.


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