Allison Blood, KMOX

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – St. Louis County is still analyzing results from a test of 24 tornado sirens two weeks ago, but will be adding more sirens soon.

The County’s Emergency Communication Commission Director David Barney says all the sirens performed well during last weekend’s storm, but the county still wants more.

“We have 12 additional sirens on order, they should be in next month, and we’ll start putting them in the ground, but that’s an additional 12 to enhance what we already have from the 187 that are in the ground,” he said.

He says he’s not sure exactly where they will go throughout the county. He says the county is still advising people to buy a weather radio to get the most detailed information during a storm. They cost about 30 dollars, and can be found anywhere radios are sold.



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