Brian Kelly

ST. CHARLES, Mo (KMOX)-A day before the 20th anniversary of the murder of Nancy Kitzmiller at Boot Village on Zumbehl Road, St. Charles investigators are releasing some new information they hope will jog someone’s memory and finally bring a serial killer to justice.

Police had already released the fact that the same .22 caliber weapon and ammunition were used in Kitzmiller’s murder and five others linked to the I-70 killer, in Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Wichita and Raytown, Missouri in 1992.

St. Charles Police Lt. David Senter says the new information is that two substances were found on all the ammunition; corundum and rouge, “Both of these items are used separately in the processes of metal polishing or grinding or finishing of metal.”

Senter says that could tell us something about the killer, “Maybe he, in his personal life or his employment, had a connection with those two types of materials.”

Senter says that’s the kind of information detectives usually like to keep to themselves, so they can use it to confirm or rule out possible suspects. He says they’re releasing now in hopes it will  spark someone’s memory to recall something they didn’t recall before.

In 1992 the killer was described as a slender, 5-7 to 5-9 white man, in his mid 30’s with short light brown to auburn hair. He also had beard stubble.

If you think you  might be able to identify him, call St. Charles Police at 1-800-800-3510.


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