Brian Kelly Twitter:@brpkelly

WASHINGTON PARK, Il. (KMOX)-A mother and son are the latest victims of what police say is an eight-month long gang war in Washington Park, Illinois.

The woman in her mid-30’s and her roughly 20-year-old son were inside when they were hit by some of the barrage of bullets fired at their home in the 1200 block of North 51st Street. There’s no word on their conditions.

Police Chief David Clark tells KMOX the attacks bring the number of shootings during the war between the Back Street Boys and Charlie Taking Everything gangs to more than ten, including more than two murders.

Clark says it’s hard to stop the shootings, because the victims aren’t cooperating, “What we don’t get at scenes and witnesses and those that provide us information anonymously, it’s hard to solve any of the cases.”

Clark says  the gang members are being attacked wherever they’re seen, “It seems that members of each of these local street gangs are the ones being targeted whether they’re at home, over at a friend’s house or at a relative’s. Wherever they are, that’s where the shootings take place.”






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