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(KMOX, St. Louis) It’s been a few weeks since I’ve have written my blog on the website, so it’s time to touch on some thoughts about all three of our pro sports teams in St. Louis.

The Blues have simply been outplayed in every aspect of the series against the Kings. LA is just a better team right now and it shows. This series will hopefully be a very good learning curve for the young veterans in their future playoff endeavors. If there is one thing that I’ve learned from this series it’s how I have underestimated the value of Alex Pietrangelo. I knew he was good, but what a difference he makes when he’s in the lineup. It makes me rethink about what the team may have to address in the offseason as far as the blueline is concerned. Call me a homer, but I still believe this Blues team is very good, but there are some obvious missing parts which will help them get to the next level in years to come.

The draft has come and gone for the Rams and I know there’s a lot of criticism out there about who St. Louis drafted. First off, I’m not going to tell you which Ram will or won’t pan out for them. Heck the people who have been judging talent for years in the NFL miss more times than succeed on drafting players. But I will say that I believe the Rams could have gotten more than just another 2nd round pick by trading out of the number six pick overall and sliding down to number 14. There was a lot of value with that selection and the real probability of getting a guy who could make an impact and the team really gambled by not getting more picks in my estimation. As far as the draftees are concerned, let’s see how these picks play out. There’s no doubt the Rams took some gambles. And if you read most of these ‘experts’ opinions of the Rams selections you’ll see the word upside or potential used. I guess my point is that we shouldn’t expect any impact players from this draft class for 2012 with the exception of the Kicker. I guess it’s going to take more patience than we thought for Jeff Fisher to get this thing turned around.

I will openly admit that I am mildly surprised at the Cardinals start to the 2012 campaign. Losing LaRussa, Duncan, Albert and not having Chris Carpenter to begin the season looked like a recipe for a team to just keep its head above water. But the starting rotation has been dynamite. I was a little weary of the back end of the rotation with Lohse, Westbrook and now Lynn. But these guys have really been the primary reason why the team sits atop the division. Now a new tests dawns for this team as they move out of the competition of the lowly Central Division and face the rest of the National League for a while.

Scott Warmann is a host of the Sports Hub


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