Funding for health services for the blind is among the big-ticket items for negotiators assigned to work on the $24 billion Fiscal 2013 state budget. If you would like to contact the government about this matter, visit Charlie’s Facebook page for contact information. While at a press conference on the State Capitol front steps that took place Monday morning, Charlie talked with Missouri Council of the Blind President Denny Huff plus Missouri Representative Mary Still from Boone County.

Are there too many billboards seen when driving on the highways in the State of Missouri? Scenic Missouri Executive Director John Regenbogen joined Charlie to address the subject.

Would you buy Illinois bonds? The Wall Street Journal has shown a number of investments managers have not beaten their benchmarks recently. In this edition of ‘Money Monday’, Charlie talks about that with Larry Swedroe, Principal and Director of Research for Buckingham Family of Financial Services plus author of the newly-published Investment Mistakes Even Smart Investors Make – and, How to Avoid Them.


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