ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KMOX) –  Somebody made a much more generous donation to charity than they probably realized Wednesday.

Tina Wells, manager of the MERS/Goodwill store at 10570 Baptist Church Rd. in south St. Louis County, was making a routine inspection of newly-donated items when she came across a box.

“I opened it and was like ‘Whoa! That’s not Monopoly money!’,” Wells told KMOX News. “So I immediately grabbed my management team and took them to the office.”

There they reviewed some surveillance tape as they began the process for returning unwittingly donated items to their owner.

They discovered that the donor who dropped off the items containing the big wad of cash came in around 3 pm Wednesday and was driving a green Ford F150 pickup truck.

Anyone hoping to reclaim the cash as their own will have to do a lot better than “It was green and had some president’s face on it” to be declared the rightful owner.

“I know what kind of box it came in, I know specific ways it was done,” Wells said. “So there’s specific ways that I’m going to know that it was that person’s donation.”

Inquiries can be made by calling Goodwill at (314) 982-8802, or (314) 241-3464.

img 5500 UPDATED: $14,500 In Cash Found In Goodwill Donation

Tina Wells, manager at the MERS/Goodwill store at Baptist Church Rd. at Lindbergh, discovered $14,500 (“$14,505 to be exact,” she said) while sorting through donations at the store Wednesday. (KMOX/Brett Blume)


A Goodwill store manager in south St. Louis County made an unexpected discover when going through several donations Wednesday afternoon.

Tina Wells says she found a wad of cash totaling $14,505 that she believes was mistakenly left at Goodwill. Wells and Goodwill would like the donor to come forward.

The money was dropped off with several donations at the South County Goodwill store located at 10570 Baptist Church Rd. around 3 p.m. Wednesday, May 9th. The donor was driving a greed Ford F150 truck.

If you are that donor please call Goodwill at (314)982-8802. Goodwill has surveillance video of the drop-off, and more details will need to be provided in order to receive the money.


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