ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–It’s not just Brian Wahby.  Most of the other candidates running for City Treasurer — the office that oversees parking tickets — have had parking ticket troubles, too.

A public records request shows all four Democrats in the race have parking ticket records, but none has any current unpaid tickets, and none has ever had their car booted in the city.

Wahby, who worked in the City Treasurer’s office in the 1990s and is now Chairman of the city’s Democratic Central Committee, has a record of 49 city parking tickets. One was voided by the city treasurer’s office when Wahby argued that a tree on Washington Avenue was blocking the sign. As earlier reported, Wahby admitted he just recently paid four delinquent city parking tickets dating back to the 1990s. Wahby says he paid $120 in fines and late fees.

Alderman Jeffery Boyd has a record of 27 city parking tickets, all paid, except 9 voided by the city treasurer’s office because he was on “official business” as an alderman.

Alderman Fred Wessels has a record of eight city parking tickets, all paid, except two $50 tickets for parking in front of city hall on November 26, 2003 which were voided by the city attorney.

State Representative Tishaura Jones has a record of 24 city parking tickets, all paid except ten voided when it was discovered they had been issued to the previous owner of her vanity plates “SPLUM.”

KMOX wanted to know if any of the candidates had ever had their cars booted, because under department policy if a car has four or more delinquent parking tickets, they can be booted and towed.  In particular, it was unclear why Wahby, who had four delinquent tickets dating to the 1990s, didn’t get booted when he received any of his subsequent 45 tickets.

Deputy City Treasurer Steve Baker, who is Wahby’s cousin, declined to comment on the case. But Baker says, in general, if a motorist has delinquent tickets under a specific licence plate, it’s possible a parking violation on a separate vehicle owned by the same person with different plates won’t lead to a booting.

The public records request also showed Green Party candidate Donald Devivo has a record of five city parking tickets, all paid up.

Green Party candidate Anthony Stevens reportedly has a record of 11 city parking tickets, 14 of them paid up, and three unpaid.

There is no record of any city parking tickets for the lone Republican candidate, Tim Bachman.

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