Brad Choat

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Why is the city of St. Louis granting amnesty to parking ticket hold-outs?

Andres Broussard of the treasurer’s office says by waiving accumulated fines, they’re drawing a crowd—especially of St. Louis County residents, “They’re saying they have tickets from coming down to the city, and they weren’t intending to pay them. It’s money we probably never would’ve retrieved.”

Those wishing to pay just the face value of their outstanding parking tickets need to go to the Community Needs Expo at the convention center downtown. There’s a booth set up till five on Friday afternoon and from 9-2 on Saturday. A voucher is given there, and the actual payment of tickets is done elsewhere.

KMOX News visited the event late Friday morning, and found many people in line were willing to share their parking ticket stories.

“It’s a fire hydrant ticket. I didn’t realize it was 15 feet from a hydrant. I have learned that lesson. I’m here to pay it for the original cost,” said one man.

A courier company driver still remembers his parking violation— like it was yesterday, “When I got the ticket, the parking lady came up to my car and said she didn’t have time to argue. I didn’t have my work placard on the windshield. I was just there a few minutes.”

Officials say they’re expecting a turnout of about 4,000 for the amnesty program.



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