Brett Blume

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. (KMOX) –  A lot of commuters are fuming, but students who took part in a senior prank at Francis Howell High School during Tueday’s morning rush are calling it a big success.

Francis Howell senior Seth Landon says he was one of about five-dozen soon-to-be-graduates who got together and decided to ride their bikes, their skateboards, or just walk from a Hwy. 94 commuter lot to the school.

“We looked up the law beforehand just to make sure we were going to be clear,” he tells KMOX News. “All we had to do is make sure that we stayed towards the right of the road. We had cars backed up all the way down Highway 94.”

And you can bet that many of those drivers stuck in the back-up weren’t too happy with the situation, senior prank or no.

But a confident sounding Seth Landon doesn’t anticipate getting in trouble for the stunt, which literally stopped traffic.

Besides, he says, “We could have, like, spray-painted the road and done something bad like that, or we could have ridden our bikes, which was harmless. So we did that.”

Not so fast, young Seth…Francis Howell School District communications specialist Jennifer Henry says the incident is under review.

“If any policies were violated than they would be disciplined according to our student code of conduct,” she tells KMOX News.

State police were called upon to restore order, and a trooper on the scene said the main problem was that students driving to class stopped to talk with those taking part in the prank, greatly adding to the traffic backup.

The state police spokesman added that when all was said and done the incident was “no big deal”.


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