Mike Claiborne

Pardon me if I have not toed the line that “everyone is overreacting” when it comes to the Edward Jones Dome and its issues.

Here is what I see: A guy in Stan Kroenke who has an option of taking his team, the St. Louis Rams, out of here if the stadium is not improved. It’s his right, it’s in the contract and he has options.  And I am cool with that.

Here is my question: At what cost? Who is paying what and when?  That is the question no one seems to answer.

I am also wondering: Is Stan Kroenke the most important tenant for the Dome? Yeah, I know he has a few guys around town carrying his water for him.  But at last check, the most the Rams would use the Dome is 12 times a year, playoffs included. (Yes, playoffs. I know its a term we seldom use when we talk Rams, but you never know.)  There are two weeks of conventions that can bring more revenue to St. Louis than the games — when it comes to hotels, restaurants and all the other things that thrive on a convention.

With that said, if the Rams want more, then they should be prepared to contribute — as should the Convention & Visitors Commission — when it comes to conventions.

A new CVC board, by the way, as this group has forgotten who they are working for. They have failed in a manner that makes you wonder…how many other items have fallen through the cracks on their watch?

I am not excited about spending tax money on this venture, especially if the taxpayers are the only ones paying. If the Rams want to step up and get with it, then they can take what they earn to the level of their investment. There has to be a formula to give everyone a sense of feeling that they won.

If the Rams feel this is a one-sided venture taken solely by the city, then they can take their team  — and their water carriers — to whatever community can give them the farm they are seeking.

Mike Claiborne hosts “The Sports Hub” weeknights from 9p-12a on KMOX.


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