Ron Jacober

This will probably be a short blog…a short column.

I think we could save a lot of money in St. Louis on electricity. We should just turn off the lights, go home, pull down the shades and, well, stare at the wall.

So, what has this old guy upset? It’s the attitude in this city. It’s “oh, we can’t do that. It would cost money. I’m not giving them (whoever ‘them’ is) another dime.” I’ve lived in the St. Louis area all of my life and I do love it here. But, I also grow weary with the “can’t do” attitude. And, yes, I’m talking about the reaction to the Rams proposal for upgrading the Edward Jones Dome. But, I’m really talking about a lot of other things too. Like upgrading the Arch grounds. About all I ever hear is “no, we can’t do that… who is going to pay for it?” We can’t seem to get much done in this town. (I was surprised to see that the new Blues owners are all St. Louisians. We usually allow out of towners to own our teams).

And, we are now in the rear view mirror of cities like Indianapolis and Minneapolis. Cities about the same size as St. Louis. They get things done. I was in the Minneapolis airport a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t believe how much bigger and busier it is that Lambert. The place hums with activity with flights from all over the world. And, they are building a new football stadium there too. You probably know how progressive Indianapolis is. If not, just visit the place.

In Friday’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch, sports columnist Bryan Burwell wrote about the Missouri Valley Conference. They are headquartered in St. Louis and they stage their post season Men’s and Women’s basketball tournaments in the area. The MVC has also been a prime mover in bringing a number of very successful NCAA events to the city. Hotel rooms, jobs, etc. But, they are being courted by other cities in the midwest and Burwell quoted the Valley Commissioner Doug Elgin as saying that St. Louis takes them for granted. So, they are looking.

Sure, I cover sports team and games for a living. And, I realize not everyone is a sports fan. But, I would hope that people are open minded enough to understand that teams like the Cardinals, Rams and Blues are part of the fabric of what makes a city a good place to live. Just like the Zoo, the Symphony, the Art Museum and great restaurants.

I just don’t understand why we (a collective “we”) say no to just about every idea, every proposal, without even talking about it. That’s what has me upset.


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