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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX)-The standoff at the Motel 6 in south St. Louis County is over and the suspect is in jail.

Officer Rick Eckhard tells KMOX that after a few hours officers entered his room and took him into custody, relatively peacefully, “If you consider that he pretty much made us wait about 3 1/2 hours as we tried to negotiate him out. But eventually, when the tactical operations officers went into the room, at that point he did surrender peacefully.”

Eckhard says police have been looking for the man since Saturday night, “When one of our St. Louis County/Affton Precinct officers attempted to pull over a stolen pickup truck that rammed into the police car and fled. When we found the truck it was actually abandoned but it had some stolen weapons in it.”

Eckhard says tips led officers to the motel,  “We were actually very fortunate that when we arrived here looking for the suspect a woman was actually walking out of the hotel room at the same time, so we detained her and acquired information about the suspect and that he was in the room.”

Eckhard says Investigators don’t know yet if the man was armed. His name is not being released yet.




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