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EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. (KMOX)-Disrespect the law, and you’re going to prison. That’s the message the Madison County State’s Attorney is hoping to send by sending a man to prison for driving without a license.

Of course it was Larry Cox’s NINTH conviction for driving while his license was revoked and this time he was also driving under the influence of alcohol.

Tom Gibbons says that while Cox, of Madison, didn’t injure anyone when his car blew through a stop sign and overturned on Christmas morning of 2010, it was time for his office to make a stand against people who have no regard for the law, “This was just an opportunity for me as the State’s Attorney and for my office to set an example, and Mr. Cox can think about that as he spends his time in prison.”

Cox was given the maximum sentence, three years.

Gibbons says with this conviction, a line has been drawn, “I took this case because it was time make a stand with this defendant and send a message that for people who do not respect the law, for people who are willing to put the public at risk over and over and over again, it was time that we did something about that.”


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