Brett Blume

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  Welcome to the summer driving season, and to start things off some very welcome news at the gas pump.

Price-patrolling website is reporting that the average retail price for regular unleaded in St. Louis has dropped more than a dime per gallon over the past week.

The news is especially good locally when you compare that 10.7 cent decrease with the national average of just 3.6 cents over the same period.

“Summer driving season has officially begun with the national average falling far lower than we expected earlier this year,” said senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan. “Had you asked me back in January if the national average ($3.65/gallon) would have been that low on Memorial Day, I would likely have chuckled but it goes to show you anything is possible.”

DeHaan also admits that price forecasts are really nothing more than educated guesses on the part of experts.

His agency’s prediction back at the start of 2012 was that the national average would peak between $3.75 and $4.15 per gallon, when actually that peak reached $3.92 on April 5th, far sooner than most analysts had foreseen.

Also, with the dime-per-gallon drop over the past week, St. Louis fuel prices are running an average of 25 cents lower than they were just one month ago.

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