The Cardinals lose to the Braves, Scott Mellanby is part of the Canadiens' front office, and Greg Damon talks about the Indy 500

Kevin Wheeler completes the post-game as Mike Claiborne and Chris Kerber join to talk about Flag Day and a sport they want to try.

Should there be concern that Jake Westbrook can’t get past the fifth inning?  The Sports Hub gentlemen discuss.

Did the Braves beat the Cardinals tonight?  Mike thinks the Cardinals beat themselves.

The official kick off for tonight’s Sports Hub.  It’s time to start with Cardinals baseball, and the 1, 2 punch includes talk about stolen bases.

Are the Cardinals in trouble?  With recent losing streaks and some other troubles, it could be time to be concerned.

Molina had a huge night tonight, but defense gave the game away.

Scott Mellanby is the new Director of Player Personnel for the Montreal Canadiens.  He worked for the Blues for 2 years.

This hour of The Sports Hub starts with talk about getting into the Hall of Fame for the 4 major American sports and how broadcasters are honored.  Chess even gets a few mentions.

The NBA makes an appearance tonight with the San Antonio Spurs defeating the Oklahoma Thunder.  Mike breaks down the reasons for the win and the outlook for the series.

Greg Damon joins the show to talk about the Indy 500.

Which team do you associate with an athlete?  Where they won championships?  Where they broke records?


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