Michael Calhoun

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)- For mosquitoes, there’s no better habitat than a pile of discarded tires, which means there are a lot of happy mosquitoes in East St. Louis.

At least for now.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is lending the city a hand in collecting all of those illegally dumped tires.

Public Information Officer at the Illinois EPA, Maggie Carson says there are a lot of tires, and most of them will be mulched and shipped to power plants.

“The tires are added to a coal-burning furnace on a very large-scale, and it increases the BTU value of the coal, and it can burn hotter,” Carson says.

Carson says some of the dumps are random tires, but others are people who leave them roadside by the truckload.

“They can be recycled. A lot of products are made from recycled tires,” Carson says.

Carson says illegally dumped tires in East St. Louis are bad news for the people who live there because discarded tires are a popular place for mosquitoes to breed.

“It’s particularly important this time of year because in the spring we see a lot of mosquitoes growth,” Carson says. “Waste tires are a favorite breeding ground for mosquitoes.”

Carson says the Illinois E.P.A. begins a tire pick-up program Tuesday, as police try to find those doing the dumping.

She doesn’t know how many tires they will pick up, but she does know one thing-every single one will be recycled, in one way or another.


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