Jack wrote poems on a number of subjects. Here he writes about the dentist, music and the opera.

The Dental Technician

She has lost that loving feeling.
Her tenderness has flown.
I would have cancelled the appointment if only I had known.

I’ve heard that there were people who enjoy inflicting pain.
I’ve never heard of a dentist who had no novocaine.

I’ll save for her retirement.
I can’t wait until that day.
She makes you squirm around the chair.
And then they make you pay.

I’ll get rid of all my teeth.
They’re a pain in the neck to me.
Even my eye tooth is totally unable to see.

I’ll get even for the torture
That they have put me through.
I’ll rush to see the dentist
The next time I have the flu.


What would life be like without music?
I am certain I don’t want to know.
Birds sitting silently in the morning.
No nursery rhymes to help children grow.

Music is a part of us everyday.
A gift that heightens our senses.
There’s a peaceful moment as we put our cares away
and a symphonic evening commences.

Without music, we’d miss the picking and the plucking
of a rag time band.
There’d be no reason to be tapping our feet.
We’d miss the forceful moan of a slide trombone,
as a marching band swings down the street

To hear a piano concerto mastered by a 12-year-old
is a moment that can’t be transcended.
How could you match the peaceful thoughts you have
when a Beethoven evening has ended.

We enjoy the scratchy notes of a junior high band,
A muted trumpet . . . a chorus as the voices blend.
We’d miss the rumbling crescendo of the kettle drums
that makes the hair on our neck stand on end

Music has pulled our nation together
As it has many times before.
Our national anthem . . . God Bless America
once again music has marched off to war.

There must be requests at a piano bar
and falling in love at the dance.
Perhaps we’d still enjoy life without music,
but I don’t want to take that chance.

The Opera

Don’t be concerned
with the bridges you’ve burned.
Just think of what you can build.
Look forward to the opportunities you have.
Forget the chances you’ve killed

All the water that has gone over the dam
has emptied into the sea.
You are wiser than ever before,
and prepared to be the best you can be

You were up, then down .
A smile then a frown.
That is the way it always has been.
You looked life in the eye,
determined to try.
If you failed you would try it again.

Isn’t it nice
to know you’ve paid the price.
And you’re ready to do your thing
Stand by – clear the way
today is the day
the fat lady is ready to sing


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