Michael Calhoun (@michaelcalhoun, mrcalhoun@cbs.com)

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Washington Avenue crackdown’s second weekend saw big crowds, more street closures, police, patrols, I.D. checks and a shooting.

Just before midnight Saturday, a teenager was shot one block north of Washington. The shooter managed to evade officers.

“It’s become more dangerous now,” a couple of bouncers told KMOX late Saturday.

“Because the east side closes down earlier, those people are coming down here now,” one of them said. “And the east side is obviously a more dangerous place than this.”

Patrons say the street closures resulted in less-than-organized chaos.

“I feel like if they were going to block it off, they should’ve blocked it off all the way at the beginning of the night. It was, like, blocking off half of it at the beginning, then part of it later, but they were still letting people go through.

“It was confusing.”

Business owners, however, said they didn’t see an appreciable drop in customer traffic and Sunday morning brunches in the downtown area had full tables.

Police have indicated that the closures and increased presence will continue in the coming weeks. The department asks that feedback be sent to: communityresponse@slmpd.org


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