Below are samples of poems Jack wrote about the 4th of July, Memorial Day, September 11th and D-Day.

The Fourth

They challenged many oceans,
crossed every border,
to drop anchor in America
and live where freedom had its birth.

Feathered hats and babushkas,
with no shoes, or with shiny boots.
They took a chance to live their life
away from choking roots.

With liberty their banner,
and with God to show the way,
they gathered in this melting pot
we call the USA.

With fireworks and music
we celebrate each year,
to show the other nations
that freedom knows no fear.

Let’s pledge again with fervor
our passion to be free.
We shall keep old glory flying high
from sea to shining sea.

We Remember
(Memorial Day, 2001)

It’s Memorial Day.
Some are still asking “why”.
Close your eyes and remember
As the colors pass by.

Which war was yours?
How long did it last?
Whose face do you see
When the flag’s at half mast?

Who marched away
And didn’t return?
For whom did you pray?
For whom do you yearn?

Dog tags and telegrams
A knock on the door
Were you the parents
They were looking for?

The pain never leaves.
It has impacted us all
When a family is left ,
with a name carved in a wall

They fought and they fell.
Unaware of their glory
We must remember them always
And continue their story.

Appreciate where you live.
Enjoy living free.
Many flowers never blossomed.
They died — for you — and for me.

September 11th

Since this nation was founded under God,
more than 200 years ago,
we’ve been the bastion of freedom . . .
The light which keeps the free world aglow.

We do not covet the possessions of others,
we are blessed with the bounty we share.
We have rushed to help other nations . . .
Anything . . . Anytime . . . Anywhere.

War is just not our nature . . .
We won’t start, but we will end the fight.
If we are involved,
we shall be resolved,
to protect what we know is right.

We’ve been challenged by a cowardly foe,
who strikes and then hides from our view.
With one voice, we say there’s no choice today,
there is only one thing to do.

Everyone is saying the same thing,
and praying that we end these senseless moments we are living.
As our fathers did before, we shall win this unwanted war.
as our children will enjoy the future we’ll be giving.

6 – 6 – 44

“D” Day in Europe was the sixth of June – Nineteen Forty Four.
It was the start of the end of World War Two.
Unlike anything seen before.

Ordinary men from the forty-eight states
had trained as best they knew how.
There were tough and ready, and anxious to fight.
They didn’t know what we know now.

They left the coast of England,
to hit the beaches of France.
They plunged into an inferno.
The devil had started his dance.

The man made thunder,
and a storm made of steel,
introduced them to a new level of fear.
Awe overtook them, and they shared the same thought,
“What the hell am I doing here?”

Long before they fired a shot,
every man knew his chances were slim.
Even hell was never this hot.
He said goodbye to the pal next to him.

How could one live even five minutes more,
forward was the only command.
They were headed for Death’s wide open door.
They would die with their face in the sand.

Fate played its part and guided some of them through,
but most never saw the next day.
They lie beneath a Normandy cross.
So young and so far away.


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