Wings Of Hope was founded in 1962 by four St. Louis business executives. They were ordinary men who had a vision. They had heard about a nurse in the Turkana desert or Kenya who used an aircraft to attend to sick mothers and children in nomad camps. Her plane was an old Piper that had fabric coverings. The harsh desert conditions had worn out the old fabric covering common to older airplanes. These four men decided to provide her an all metal airplane, a Cessna. It would be outfitted with bush flying equipment and long range fuel tanks.

They formed Wings of Hope and after two years dispatched a completely refurbished plane to her. During this process, word spread throughout the world. Requests came in from remote and isolated areas pleading for assistance. So, they formed these philosophies they sill use today:

1. Be totally non-sectarian.
2. Have no policies.
3. Give no regard to race.
4. Be composed of volunteers who share the burden of providing only Humanitarian services.
5. Establish programs that work to alleviate the causes of the problem.
6. Accept no donation from the federal government.
7. Work with and for the poor.

Wings of Hope Searches for and arranges for health care for uninsured or underinsured people. They Airlift patients to that treatment as frequently as required. They are the only free Air Ambulance Program in the United States, outfitted for a stretcher, wheel chair access and medical equipment.  They are Managed and operated by professional staff of Wings of Hope- EMTs, pilots, mechanics, doctors, and nurses.

Contact wings of hope at 636-537-1302 or 1-800-448-9487. Wings of Hope is available all year.

Looking for summer fun with your kids or grandkids? How about letting them race a cardboard boat at Forest park – AND save St. Louis Kids’ lives?

Wings of Hope delivers all the materials and instructions – it’s pretty easy – and the kids build and decorate their boat any way they want. Dress up as a Pirate and win prizes!

Go to or call 636-537-1302 for all information.


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