ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – An animal rights group brings it’s national campaign to downtown St. Louis Thursday.

The group “Mercy for Animals” brings it’s nationwide anti farm animal cruelty campaign to St. Louis.

To make its point the group will blow up a giant balloon depicting a puppy dog inside a hot dog bun. The balloon will be displayed downtown adjacent to the Gateway Arch.

Spokesman Phil Letten said “If we wouldn’t eat our own dog or cat, why would we eat a cow, a pig or a chicken?”

He says “Mercy for Animals” is against what he calls modern intensive farms. “These animals are subjected to confinement inside tiny cages and stalls where they are barely able to move. They are mutilated without pain killers and forced to endure brutal slaughter at the slaughter house.” said Letten.

“Most people are horrified to learn about the abuse of farm animals” said Letten. The group promotes a vegetarian diet.


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