JoAnne Fowler Staff Editor from People Magazine called us this morning to give you the weekly dish on what you can find inside People Magazine.  JoAnne talks about Matthew McConaughey’s Wedding to long-time love Camila Alves.  Tom Cruise Celebrates his birthday today and we have the dish on what he is planning at 50 years old.  Bikini season is here and you’ll learn what the celebs do to get ready.  Did you see which celebs were in attendance at the L.A. Kings game?  See what celebrity mom’s are doing to lose the post pregnancy weight.

Television Critic Ed Bark from joins us this morning to talk about what’s hot and what’s not on TV this week.  Did you watch Dallas?  Ed talks about what you think and what you can expect.  Do you watch Game of Thrones?  Ed talks about the controversial president’s head on a stake.  Click on the link to hear what else Ed talks about.

Cheffy Baby from dials us from Phuket, Thailand to discuss the food world.  Cheffy fills us in on Anthony Bourdain selling out, Mitt Romney fumbling over a doughnut, Where you can find the Cake Boss Buddy Valastro’s cakes, Which city has been chosen for the next Top Chef season, a celebrity that has written a nutrition cook-book.

Alan Thicke stopped by to talk to us about Fathers Day gift ideas that you can use for your father this weekend.

Keith Radford a reporter with WKBW from Buffalo, NY talks to us about the upcoming tight rope walk across Niagra Falls.


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