Allison Blood, KMOX News

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – The second of two brothers who owned US Fidelis auto warranty sales company has pled guilty to federal fraud charges.

Cory Atkinson seemed stoic as he walked through the federal courthouse after he pled guilty to two felony counts of fraud. The charges were conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud and filing false tax returns.

He worked out a plea deal that named his brother Darain as more culpable for misleading and stealing from customers of US Fidelis, so Cory is looking at about 4 years of jail time while Darain faces at least 8.

“The fraud that (Cory) was involved in, really is less than six figures, it’s the income tax liability that is really driving his sentence,” US Attorney Rich Callahan said.

He says it was apparent through the federal investigation which parts each brother was in charge of.

“So this wasn’t really a case of one brother throwing the other under the bus,” Callahn said.

Cory faces federal sentencing September 18, and state sentencing ten days later. Darain’s sentencing dates are in July.



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